Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project 365 - Fashion Show... First Week of School...

Come on, now!  You go out.  You spend money on new clothes for school.  You must have a fashion show! ;-)  It is a tradition in our family (probably in yours, too) that you have to try on all of your new clothes for Dad when he gets home from work after a day of shopping.  After all, Dad pays for the clothes, right!?  Jessica did it.  Chris even enjoys modeling/showing Dad his new clothes.  My sister, Mary, and I did it when we were kids (and I LOVED it... actually, I STILL do it!)  So, Anna is just the youngest in a long line of fashion show models! ;-)

I decided for this week of Project 365 photos to shoot Anna each morning before school.  Now... of course, we had a HEAT WAVE this week... mid-80's by 9AM, humid (in San Diego, REALLY!?)... and over 100 degrees every day but Friday!  So Anna was a bit limited as to what she could wear... hope you enjoy the fashion show!
Yes, a Hello Kitty shirt and boots (it was 106 degrees this day... AUGH!) 
But she looked DARLING!

Make it a fashionably WONDERFUL weekend! ;-)

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