Monday, June 28, 2010

My Little Shoebox... CHA SNEAK... "Sunday Market!"

Here you go... WOO HOOO!  The first of the new MY LITTLE SHOEBOX lines that will be released at CHA at the end of July!  There are several changes to the new lines coming out from MLS... STAMPS... sticker accents... and square scalloped papers instead of circle, to name a few. 

Sooooo bright!  Ohhhhhhh flowers!  And girly, girly, GIRLY!  What do you think of "Sunday Market?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project 365 - A Day in our CRAZY Life

You all know I am catching up with my Project 365 postings... so you won't be shocked to know that the day I followed with my camera was a few weeks ago... Tuesday, June 8th, to be exact.  The day started early, ended late, and had us RUNNING all day long!  I hope you enjoy this peek into a day in the Locher family...
7:45 AM The day started bright and early (thank God for coffee) at the annual Volunteer Breakfast at Anna's elementary school.  Jeff and I both volunteered in Anna's classroom, at parties and on field trips, so we were both invited to this nice celebration.  Anna's teacher, Mrs. Schlatter, is with us in the photo.

9:30AM  Jeff was at work and Anna and I drove to Vista to turn in a few projects to my favorite local scrapbook store, Ever After Scrapbooks.  Here is friend and owner, Camille Akin, posing with me just inside the store.  (I only had a few quick minutes to shop, darn it!)

10:30AM  Voting Day!  I always take Anna with me to vote.  Jeff and I think it is very important that Anna sees us vote... we talk to her about (basic) voting choices... and she LOVES to wear our "I Voted" stickers!  She also watches some of the returns on TV with us and asks, "Did WE vote for that person?"  "Did WE win on that measure?"

11AM  Get Anna to school (she was in the afternoon Kindergarten class)... run home... lunch... chores... pick Anna up from school and...

3:30PM ... time to start running... or spinning in my case... run to the gym and get my workout in while...

... Anna is in her ballet class... then...

5:00PM ... RUN home, shower, change and get ready to go to Chris' football game (summer passing league... 2 games a week, minimum).  Get a call from Jeff that he got stuck at work... breathe for a few minutes since we missed the game (darn it!)... then...

7:00PM one last time... to Panda Express for a football team fundraising dinner...

8:00PM... HOME... to clean up and get things ready for the next morning... and this is SUMMER BREAK!?  GEEZ! ;-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project 365 - Field Day!

Hold onto your hats!  I have 9 big events to post for Project 365 that have all taken place in the past 19 days!  I've taken almost 1,000 photos in the past 3 weeks and need to get my very favorite few here so I am finally caught up with Project 365!

This post is all about FIELD DAY!  A tradition at Anna's school, field day is an AMAZING organization of around 20 water and field games for THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!  This is event is SOOOO well planned that I was amazed... and that is saying A LOT coming from me!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this fun day that Jeff and I shared with Anna and her class...
Classmates cheering as Anna races along the balance relay.

Ohhhhh, the parachutte!  The kids had SO MUCH FUN with this station!

Cute little Anna just couldn't hold in her excitement!  What a GREAT day!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

... We Have a WINNER!

YEP... it is time to give away my RAK, so I'm just going to jump right into it. 

Congrats to COLLEEN (as chosen by she said...

"congrats on making the design team. You asked who was our favorite. Lets just say I will really miss Rusty Pickle. Not sure if I have played with my little shoebox materials before. Have been hearing a lot about them, so will have to see if I can find some. Been following your blog for a while now."

Colleen, email me at with your address so I can mail the RAK to you!

Next RAK... IT'S ALL ABOUT SAKURA!  I've been playing and sampling and I've got a Sakura RAK for some lucky person!  More details in a bit!  For now, make it a GREAT day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365 - Grad Nite... Day of and event... (finally)

The day of graduation/Grad Nite is a very busy, crazy, tiring, but WONDERFUL 24 hours!  As Chair of Grad Nite, this my craziest day of the year... the one we plan for ALL YEAR!  The following photos chronical graduation day 2010 for Orange Glen High School.  Sadly, I had my camera on the wrong setting for the actual event, so I didn't get very many photos.  Join me on a review of this fantastic day!

9:30-11AM (Mindy and I had already been on campus for an hour and a half)  Photo above... Grad Nite t-shirt distribution, my final speech to the seniors to get them pumped up about Grad Nite, and revealing this year's Grad Nite theme.  A LARGE section of our campus is under construction and we told the seniors that bones were found by the construction company and that weird things had started happening on campus.  Our theme was inspired by the hit TV show, "Ghost Hunters" and since all the sets for Grad Nite are international locations, we came up with "Grad Hunters International."  In addition to all of the incredible activites at Grad Nite, the grads were going on a "ghost hunt."  There were 13 hidden ghost symbols the grads had to find which led them to 13 clues about who the ghost was. More on that later... let's just say that it was something that NO OTHER GRAD NITE has done and it was a HUGE HIT!  (The grads were so excited that as soon as I told them about it, the GN Committee members' phones started ringing as the kids tried to get the inside scoop on the ghost.  Sneaky me... I only told 2 other people who the ghost was, so even most of the committee would have to wait to find out!)

6-7PM  After spending the day running around, finishing last minute details, getting the entertainment contractors in place, etc... I had to run home, freshen up, and get back to the school to serve as the ambassador for the Sky Box winners.  Each year, a private party in the football stadium sky box is auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The Grad Nite Committee decorates the sky box, provides dinner for the 20 guests, reserves parking for the group and makes sure they are treated like royalty!  The gang that purchased the sky box this year were friends, The Donnellon, Jimenez and Geurian Families.

Paulette had the best seat in the house to take photos of graduation!

The winning group in the sky box!

10PM  The start of Grad Nite!  Ron Porter (the best magician I have EVER seen) AMAZED our grads!  Over and over you would hear someone shout, "NO WAY!  NOOOOOO WAY!" as Ron stunned them over and over!

Dealer Gary Atkins (who has been helping Grad Nite for almost 2 decades!) in the middle of the Texas Hold 'em Tournament.

I TOLD YOU that we had a scrappy booth at Grad Nite... as far as I know, we are the ONLY Grad Nite that offers this to the grads!  The grads have the photos taken, the photos are printed on site, then they can go to this booth to decorate their photo sleeves... and, YES... even the boys love this booth!

The "Grad Nite Game Master" is a HUGE HIT!  He runs games and competitions for the grads until the wee hours of the night!  There is always a HUGE group of grads with the Game Master!

The teachers did it again... the students' favorite teachers performed a skit and dance to the "YMCA!"  You can see how much the grads LOVED all the struting!

We have LOTS of outdoor entertainments... the rock climbing wall, a HUGE outdoor laser tag, and inflatable entertainments such as the Velcro Wall and Joust!  You can also see the t-shirts here... with our mascot, "Grumpy" serving as a ghost!

There are LOTS of games to play... "Rock Band,"  NASCAR, pool, foosball, and so much more!

4AM  One of the highlights of this year was the traditional ceremonial fire... HELD THIS YEAR ON THE 50 YARD LINE OF THE FOOTBALL STADIUM!!!  Hours after Grad Nite ended, construction started on our BRAND NEW football field, so it was just fine that we scorched center field. 

Now, it wasn't until I lightened up this photo a bit that I saw a strange image show up on the backside of this grad... the smoke is blowing the other way... with the whole night being about the OG Ghost, I think it was pretty weird that this image of a hand, pushing this couple toward the fire, would appear in this photo... and, NO, I did not alter it!  I actually took 2 photos of this couple and you can see the image start to form in the first one, but it certainly looks like a skeletal hand in this photo... maybe I didn't really make up an OGHS ghost...

5AM  Time for the grads to go home, but nobody was moving... everyone so enjoyed the fire on the field!  Congrats, Class of 2010!  

We've already started planning for Grad Nite 2011... and with this being Chris' senior year, you KNOW I am going to pull out ALL THE STOPS!  WOOOOO HOOOOO!

Friday, June 18, 2010

... that was a long tease, but WOO HOO! ANNOUNCEMENT AND RAK!!!

HOLY COW!  I'm so sorry for teasing you for 3 days!  That was not my intention, but with Anna's birthday, last day of school, Kindergarten promotion, Chris' summer football season (4 days of games this week), and prep for Anna's ballet birthday party, I've had my hands FULL!

Soooooooo... here is a clue about my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!  I MADE THE "MY LITTLE SHOEBOX" DESIGN TEAM!  I am soooo excited to be on this INCREDIBLE team!  This team includes 3 of my Rusty Pickle DT sisters (Hi Becky, Kathie and Pamela!), one of my Crop Addict DT sisters (Hi Deanna), and friend and Ever After cohort Miss Heather Brown!  (It is about time that we were on a team together!!!)  Here is my introduction from the My Little Shoebox blog...

We are pleased to announce...

GROUP 1 of our new Design Team... we had the hardest time choosing this amazing team!! Everyone's submissions were GORGEOUS and truly inspiring!!! We went though bars and bars of chocolate here at MLS trying to narrow down the hundreds of submissions.

Tracey Locher
I know I’m supposed to write a bio about myself, but I’m just like you. I love to scrap. I love to create. I laugh. I cry. I find beauty in everyday. I volunteer (a ton) at my kids’ schools (Grad Nite Chair, Athletic Boosters Board member, team mom for several sports, fundraiser, carpooler, cheerleader…) I’m married to the most WONDERFUL man (Jeff) and have 3 kids who are mostly wonderful (gotta love the teens!)… Jessica (20), Christian (17) and Anna (6)… oh, and I can’t forget our favorite hairy mammal, our puppy, Abby! I’m a homemaker. I’m overweight, but just completed my first triathlon and am training for my first century (100 mile) bike ride. I love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car. I love to hear my kids laugh. I love St. Patrick’s Day. I love cruises and I love camping. I love being barefoot. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I love the sound of rain on the roof. And did I mention… I LOVE MY LITTLE SHOEBOX!

I am thrilled to be a part of this fun and colorful team! I am also a member of the Graphic 45 Design Team and was a member of the Rusty Pickle DT until they closed earlier this year. I love to write (I know, shock) and have been lucky enough to have not only my scrap work published, but many articles and tutorials, too. You can read the details of my resume here. I would LOVE for you to get to know me through my blog called, “WOOOOO HOOOOO!” If you are interested in scrappy ideas, following my Project 365 and/or RAKs, I would love to have you as a blog follower!

So… now that you know a bit about me… how much ARE we alike!? I already know we have one thing in common… our love for My Little Shoebox. Here’s to new friendships, new MLS products, and lots of MLS fun! Make it a Woo Hoo kinda day!

This team includes gals from Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and Holland to name a few.  Please check out my new team mate blogs... they are all listed to the left. 

NOW... ON TO THE RAK!  I would LOVE to share the excitement that I feel for making this team, so I have put together a RAK celebrating Design Teams... the ones that I have been on/am on, of course!  Leave a comment on this post by midnight, June 20th (PST) and let me know which of the following companies (My Little Shoebox, Graphic 45, or Rusty Pickle) is your favorite.  OHHHHHH... and you need to become one of my followers (or gently remind me that you are already a follower!)  One lucky (and randomly drawn) winner will receive a package of products from each of those three teams... the 3 manufacturer teams that I have designed for!  And, yes... I'm soooo inspired by the international flair of the MLS team that this RAK is open to international gals, too!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the My Little Shoebox blog and check out the Blog Hop for the 2009 MLS DT members going on all weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Anna Banana!

I told you it was a special day today!  This is post #2 of 3 for the day and my heart is all a flutter thinking back over the past 6 years!  6 years ago today, Miss Anna made her entrance known... she was born during an earthquake!  (Umm, yeah... being in the shower IS NOT the worst place you can be during an earthquake...)  Thanks to inspiration from friend Krista Kirksey, I am going to let the photos do the talking!  I hope you enjoy this flashback of Anna's birthdays (starting above with her 1st birthday)... it didn't matter if we had a big party or just a quiet dinner at home... or if the pictures turned out well... we have a photo journey of all the fun... and all the love!  Happy Birthday, my Sweetheart!  

Fun... Excitement... Tease... RAK ALERT... Hallowe'en in Wonderland...

There is SO MUCH going on today... WOOO HOOOO!  I have three posts that I need to get up this morning, but for now... bahhhwaaaaahhhhawaaaa (my evil laugh)... I am going to...

... TEASE... you... there is an announcment coming...

... FUN... you have to keep tuned to this scrapping channel because there is going to be SAKURA madness here shortly...

... RAK ALERT... OHHHHHHH YEAH, BABY... there is going to be a RAK (details coming with the announcment post!)

... HALLOWE'EN IN WONDERLAND... no, I'm not losing my mind... this tease is very much relevant to today!  GRAPHIC 45 has just announced the first of its new CHA lines... and here are the first three papers from the line...

I have never seen ANYTHING like this line on the market!  I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on it and start playing!!!  What do you think about "Hallowe'en in Wonderland"... 

At the top of this post is a fun card I made with Graphic 45's "On the Boardwalk" line.  And let me tell you... THE PARTY is going to be starting VERY SHORTLY!!!  See you back here in just a bit!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Project 365 - Back to some catch up... Grad Nite set up...

((( Deep Breath )))... OK... things are FINALLY starting to calm down around here.  Grad Nite is over.  Chris is on summer break.  But Anna is in her last week of school.  And Chris' summer football season started last night.  No, the craziness never ends... it is just not AS crazy sometimes! ;-)  SOOOOO... back to catch up for Project 365. 

The "Island Trader" booth... or prize booth.  It was LOADED with prizes for the grads!

These are pictures of some of the sets we built for Grad Nite.  We have over 80 sets that we build, every year, in the gym.  Grad Nite also extends to the PAC building (for the make your own music videos) and outside (for the outdoor laser tag arena and large inflatable entertainments like the Bungee Run, Velcro Wall and Rock Climbing Wall.)
The beach photo op... the kids love to use the propos and pose for pictures with their friends.  We have a photographer at Grad Nite and print the photos that night as well.  In the background, you can see part of the casino booth.  This was the 2nd year of the VERY popular Texas Hold 'Em Tournament.  There is also Black Jack played all night long.

The "Australian Outback" food court.  Friend Joe Sanchez painted this HUGE scene of Australia for the food court... it is SPECTACULAR!  We have TONS of food all night for the grad... pizza, pulled pork sliders, churros, fresh baked cookies, vegi trays, sandwhiches, fresh popcorn, nachos, and on and on... this is another VERY popular booth!

I caught Jeff doing his electrical work... thanks to BAKER ELECTRIC here in Escondido who donate all of the electrical equipment to Grad Nite every year!  It is AMAZING how much power it takes to put on this event!!!  You can also see the HUGE parachutte that we hang in the gym every year.  It covers most of the ceiling in the gym and really helps create a different setting for Grad Nite!

Anna... is... so... darn... CUTE!  The parents were working HARD all weekend, so Anna thought she would set up a "tea party" so we could have a little break.  She made up matching plates with Circus Cookies and chips and added a bottled water for each guest.  Here she is waiting for her guests... she said, "It sure is hard waiting for those guests who are fashionably late!"  She just KILLS me! ;-)

It was painting day, so we all sure enjoyed the break and Anna's hospitality!

Poor Abby... we were gone for so many long hours during Grad Nite that she was lonely!  Here she is, cuddled up on the couch in our bedroom, just waking up...

... and yawning!  It cracks me up when she does a big yawn... and her tounge always curls up at the end... ha, ha... ha! ;-)

Lots more still to come... Grad Nite (the actual day of and event)...  Field Day at the elementary school... A day in our life (so you can see the craziness, first hand)... and SAKURA, SAKURA, SAKURA!!!  Make it a GREAT day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graphic 45 - Transatlantique "Vacay Log"

Ohhhh, what a fun day!  Graphic 45 is revealing their new site and it is GOOOOOD LOOKIN'! (it is under construction, so pardon the dust at the moment)  Yesterday, they featured a mini album project that I created using the Transatlantique line!  You can check out the post with all the project info and supplies here.  And don't forget... Graphic 45 is running a Transatlantique contest RIGHT NOW... click here for more info.
Thanks for stopping by and make it a FANTASTIC weekend!!!