Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing the Night Away...

Ohhhh, I remember getting ready for my formal school dances... picking out the pretty lace or water stained silk dress, matching shoes and lace gloves (it was the 80's, OK!?)... Setting my hair in curlers the night before so it would be WAY TOO PUFFY for the dance (just the way I liked it!)... posing for all those goofy pictures that Mom and Dad just had to take (that was soooo embarrassing and, of course, I now subject my kids to the same thing!)... making my Mom put the boutineer on my date because I didn't want to poke him (which I did for about 5 of the boys this weekend!)... and eating the basic chicken breast at dinner because it was cheap and very clean to eat (no dripping on the dress and I didn't have to take off those precious lace gloves... today, the girls seem to do something similar... they ALL ordered soup and salad (only) for dinner!)

It was Homecoming... as a freshman, this was Chris' first date, and actually, although Jess is a senior, this was the first dance she went to with a date. (They are allowed to go to the formal dances without a date these days... hummm...)

The kids looked WONDERFUL and they had a great time at the dance. We better start saving up... Winter Formal is just a few months away...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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He's Mine, all mine... THE HULK!

I'm having a GREAT time playing with my new toy... my blog! Still need to add some decorations, curtains over the windows, and light a few scented candles, but it is getting homey in here! :-)

Last weekend was Homecoming and it was a BIG weekend for us. Not only did we help build the freshman float for the Homecoming parade, but Chris and 2 of his friends were the stars on THE HULK float. I am still giggling to myself that Chris has the guts to paint himself green and parade in front of the entire school wearing just torn jean shorts, but he was AWESOME! The little girls were asking for his autograph and the cheerleaders were checking him out... Here are a few pics of the man in green...

Our freshmen ended up taking 2nd place in the float contest... the seniors LOST! We have some great character actors in the freshman class! FUN, FUN, FUN... next, dance pics!

Hi, Sweetheart! Since you and about 2 friends are the only ones that know this site exists right now, I thought I would send you a big (((hug))) and some cyber love!!! :-) See you tonight...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Have you had your "Wooooo Hooooo" today?

I'm just starting to play with my blog, so please come back to visit when the dust has settled and the boxes are put away... :-)