Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project 365 and GRAD NITE!

Yes, it is Grad Nite season... in fact, the big event is 4 WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!!! AUGH! As the Chair of Grad Nite, my life is not my own for the next month or so! We have an AMAZING line up and EXPECT to surpass last year, which was dubbed the BEST OGHS GRAD NITE IN OVER 15 YEARS!!! (By volunteers that have been around that long!) ;-)

In the meantime, we have been having fun with lots of other activities! The annual Dick Disney Athletics Auction was (as always) a lot of fun and thanks to the volunteers, the event was just as great as ever... and quite successful!!! Here are photos of family friend, Krista with Anna... and Anna being introduced to the crowd by MC extraordinaire, Jeff Dunn, as part of the OGHS Class of 2022... LORD, help us!

Jeff took Anna to Legoland for a Daddy/Daughter day and here are a few pictures of Anna having a GREAT day!

This week was Puppy Abby's 1st birthday! I CAN'T believe that we have had her in our family, and in our hearts, for a year now! She is such a blessing and we love her with all our hearts!
Finally, I shared a photo of our Chocolate orchid in my last post, but I have to share another special orchid. My Grandfather, Papa, had pots and pots of the most BEAUTIFUL cymbidiums you have ever seen. Every year these pots would produce a few hundred SPECTAULAR blooms... spraying out like a firecracker... each flower more beautiful than the last... and the flowers glistened and would shine for months! When Papa passed, we were lucky enough to get two of these pots... one with yellow blooms and one with these perfect white blooms. It rained last night and this morning was the perfect time to capture these special gifts from God!

Thanks for checking in and I will have some new work posted soon... it is Grad Nite season and as far as my Graphic 45 work goes, we are not allowed to post our new work until it goes up on the G45 blog, so we have to be a bit patient... hard... YEAH, I know!!! Make it a GREAT week!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project 365 - Driving Chocolate...

Did I get your attention with that title?  It has been a fun week around here!  I received my first Design Team box from Graphic 45 and have been reorganizing my scrap studio to make room for my new products!  But the BIG NEWS around here is that Chris got his driver's license!!!  Yes, there is a problem with this photo, and I don't mean the fact that there are clouds in our perfect Southern California skies!  The problem is that I AM STANDING OUTSIDE THE VAN... taking this photo!  ;-)  This is a picture of Chris' first solo drive... first things first... he got in and checked the mirrors... he got his favorite CD in the stereo... gave me a quick smile... and went on his way.  This moment broke my heart just a bit... I know he will be 18 soon... he is a good kid... but this was a step of growing up that hit me hard... funny how we react to different life moments.  Lord, please keep my son safe!

Now... onto the chocolate!  My love of orchids came from my Dad... his backyard is FULL of these beautiful flowers of all colors and sizes.  This chocolate orchid (as we call it because of the rich, dark brown color of the buds) has one very special flower.  Of the 50 or so blooms on this new plant, the flower right in the center of the photo is the ONLY one on the whole plant that opened up and displayed a full center of bright and striking red!  The other flowers have yellow centers with accents in red, but not our special bloom.  I come out every morning and check on this beauty... and it greets me everyday with a glistening and vibrant smile!

Back to scrapping!!!  Make it a GREAT day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Project 365 - SoCal Lake Arrowhead Mt. Bike Race!

One unexpected, but welcomed, detail of the mountain bike races is the location... and the fact that 2 of the 4 races have to be weekend endeavors due to the distance the race is from Escondido. Last weekend we hopped in the car and drove up to the Lake Arrowhead Resort for some family bonding time and Chris' next mountain bike race. It was SOOOO BEAUTIFUL up there... clear... crisp... and yes, still piles of snow around. We had a lake view room with a balcony, we spent time in the spa, and walked to the Village for dinner at the Boathouse. At dinner, we were right on the lake, and watched as the sky filled with clouds... reflections bouncing off the water making each cloud look double in size... ducks swimming and looking for food before the impending storm... it was still... and it was gorgeous!
We have a family tradition (that my Mom started when I was a kid)... whenever we go out of town and stay in a hotel, we pack a snack basket... drinks, chips, and treats that we only get when we are on vacation. I figured that our Project 365 gallery would not be complete without a photo of this tradition, so here was the Lake Arrowhead basket (not pictured is the cooler... also with snacks for the kids AND adults!) ;-)
On Sunday, we arrived at the race "pit" area and set up our tent and BRAND NEW OGHS BANNER (THANK YOU, JD!) around 10AM. We were at 6,000 feet and in a large, unprotected dirt parking lot. The wind was HOWLING and the temperature kept dropping as the time went by. Jeff and Coach Turek did a final mechanical check of each of the bikes and our racers were off on their 3-lap... 16 mile race. I volunteered to take photos for the event and positioned myself on the last climb of the lap. You can see my photo gallery of the race here.
The course was BRUTAL and the quickly disintegrating conditions were making it even worse! Let's see... Luis crashed at the start of the first loop, bent his front wheel and had to be taken back to the pit. Chris crashed into a boulder and two trees and walked his bike to the end of the first lap. Greg finished two laps, but they closed the course early because of the weather and he didn't get to complete the race. By the time Greg got finished his 2nd lap, the temperature was around 40 degrees, the wind was a constant howl... it was just miserable. I just love the picture of Coach Turek bringing the extra food/drinks back to the pit... the wind and sand blowing so hard... augh! Within 12 hours of the race, the whole area was covered in snow!

Good news is that the last race of the season is up in Los Olivas... and it should be beautiful (in a warm sorta way!)  Make it a GREAT day!

Project 365 - Spring Break...

(Yes, I'm catching up, so hang in there...)  Having two kids on two different school schedules can get a bit confusing!  Chris only had one week of Spring Break, but lucky Anna had 2 weeks.  Anna's second week was fun as cousin Sarah came to stay with us for a few days.  The girls kept busy building forts in the family room, sleeping in the big bed in the scrapbook studio, and playing dress up.  Sarah was able to join Anna for her ballet class and they both had a blast.  We met Mary and Matthew at Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside for some lunch and then off to the beach.  While the girls were digging in the sand, Matthew was hitting the waves.  I CAN'T BELIEVE how quickly he has grown up!  He is a great kid!

On the last day of Anna's break, we got together another BBQ to raise money for the new Mountain Bike Team!  The Spring Fair is an opportunity for the clubs/teams on campus to sell a food or beverage item during an extended lunch and raise money.  We sold hot dogs again and sold out during the first half of lunch!  Woooo Hoooo!!!  Chris stood over the hot grill and BBQ'ed again!

Next... off to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend... and Chris' next mountain bike race!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I guess it isn't very hard to figure out what my favorite scrappy products are... becuase you guys NAILED IT!  Thanks for all the AWESOME comments!  I promise to make you proud of this new Graphic 45 Mama! ;-)

So... onto the winner (as determined by Random.Org) of the "My Favorite Things" RAK...

... Melanie from California who said,

"Congratulations!! You all are so talented. Can't wait to see the things you come up with this year!

My guess is you would like metals, like charms, metal leaves ect.   April 2, 2010 5:53 PM"

Congrats, Melanie!  Email me at with your address and contact information. 

For everyone else... keep stalking... I'll have another RAK again soon!  Remember, this Graphic 45 party is JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365 - EASTER... and another RAK reminder...

Easter!  Another event that takes a week of planning and prep, two days of celebration, and many Project 365 days!  We had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend at Mom and Dad's house... the Donnelly and Schoeffel families were both there... as usual.  We are down to three kids doing the egg hunt... Anna, Sarah and Matthew... down from about 15 kids several years ago. 

This was a significant Easter year... first year without Grandma Louise... first Easter for Puppy Abby... last holiday under Mom and Dad's patio (it is being torn down today and rebuilt this week after over 35 years!)... but the thing we will remember the most is the 7.2 earthquake at 3:40 p.m. in Mexicali, Mexico.  BOY, was it a good one!  It seemed like it lasted forever and although Mission Viejo is a few hundred miles away from the epicenter, the pool water was sloshing, the chandeliers were rocking, and it felt like the ground was "waving..." like we were on a boat in the ocean.  Most earthquakes here in Southern California feel like a giant has taken the sides of the house and shaken it back and forth a few times... and it only lasts a few seconds.  I can't even IMAGINE how much stronger it would have felt if we were at home... 65 miles closer to the epicenter!!!  We got home and only one picture had been knocked over.  Our little house did very well! 

I hope you enjoy the photos of our weekend!  AND DON'T FORGET... you still have a FEW DAYS TO ENTER FOR MY RAK!!!  Read the post from April 1st about the Graphic 45 Design Team and post a comment to enter!  Make it a GREAT week!!!
Goddaughter, Catalina, sharing her two-toned egg.
Anna ALWAYS sticks her tounge out when she is creating and concentrating!
Jessica's Easter basket was full of stuff she needs for her new apartment.
Sooooo cute... Dad, Mom, Mary, John and my sweet Jeff!  I love you guys!
Chris is giving the Easter Bunny a little bit of hiding help!

Project 365... and RAK REMINDER!

So... Spring Break... 1 week for Chris... 2 weeks for Anna... CRAZY for Mama! ;-)  The week leading up to Easter was Chris' week off... well, part of it was as Chris had his Wisdom Teeth taken out!  He had 3... both on the top... and AN impacted right one on the bottom.  Although Chris was bummed about losing part of Spring Break, it was pretty rainy, so the beach was out anyway!  He was HYSTERICAL for about 2 hours after surgery... boy was he loving the "happy gas!"  When being helped by the nurse into the car after surgery, he looked at her (with a glazed and silly smile on his face) and said, "HEY, THANKS!  That was GREAT!" 

Next, I had to drop off his pain prescriptions at CVS... on the way there Chris said, (again, glazed and happy)..."Mom, Vicoden would be GREAT right now."  Then we parked in front of CVS.  "Mom, what are we doing here... getting Vicoden!?"  I was getting a bit nervous about leaving him alone in the car, but I just had to run in, drop off the prescription, and pick it up later.  During the 2 MINUTES I was in the store, Chris called me on his cell phone... "Moooooommmmmmm... can you please buy me some VICODEN!?"  His slurred speech, glazed eyes, goofy smile and pure enjoyment of the happy gas had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face!  Chris is one goofy kid!  Once it wore off, he wasn't so happy, but he slept for a good part of the day and was eating hamburgers the next day.  Yep... he heals fast!

Anna asked me to take her Tooth Fairy pillow and give it to Chris' surgeon so he could put Chris' "lost teeth" in the pillow.  She said, "Since Chris is going to hurt, the Tooth Fairy can make him feel better by giving him some money!"  How about the Tooth Fairy helps our poor bank account after having to PAY CASH for that expensive surgery...? ;-)

Anna and I did have a fun afternoon making Rice Krispie eggs and then dipping them in chocolate and putting sprinkles all over them... and they were a BIG hit on Easter!  I think we have a new Easter tradition on our hands!

RAK REMINDER... RAK REMINDER... RAK REMINDER...  The deadline to get in on my RAK is still 3 days away... April 7th, so read the post below and leave your comment (on the post below.)  Looks like you guys TOTALLY know what my favorite scrappy supplies are!! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


WOOOOO HOOOOO!  So... I knew the announcement would be made this morning, but with around 90% of the announcements that I have seen, the winners are called in advance so that their photos and bios can be posted in the announcement post.  Since I didn't receive a call, I figured that I didn't make the team, but i was excited to see the list today and who made it. 

I woke up early.  (I couldn't sleep)

I opened the Graphic 45 page and, yep, the anouncement was there... front and center. 

I read (kinda) the first part of the post and scrolled down to the list of names.

I froze at the first name, then started scrolling down slowly... one name... then another... I only had one eye open and I scrolled down, one at a time... here is the list from the Graphic 45 Blog...
Domestic Team
Christie Bryant
Tammy Roberts

Laura De La Rosa
Gloria Stengel ... I stopped here because Gloria is a fellow San Diegan and Ever After teacher.
Jade Moore
Candy Rosenberg (DT Coordinator)

International Team
Jenny Svennson
Jane Tregenza
Trisha Ladouceur

SERIOUSLY... I had to look at that list a few times to be sure that I was REALLY seeing my name... yes, I am a self admitted dork, so it took a few views of the list before I believed it! ;-)  I am so thankful that Graphic 45 has given me this opportunity and I CAN'T WAIT to get to know the other designers!

I don't know if we can show our final projects in public yet, so I am only going to post a few "teaser" shots here on my blog.  We were to create one project and mail it to the G45 corporate office.  I decided to go BIG... in my previous tease to you, I said that my project would make your head, "Spin right round, baby, right round."  I LOVE that  "Dead or Alive" song from the 80's... and the next lyric is... "like a RECORD baby..."  I created a hanging photo gallery out of vinyl records!  I have a lot of comments and stories about this project, but I will wait until I hear from the "G45 Powers that Be" before I talk about the whole project.

Now... time for the RAK!  Since I have NO Graphic 45 papers at the moment (the 10 original assignments and the record photo gallery took up my whole stock), I sending the random winner some of my favorite products. 

To win the RAK, I want you to become a follower of my blog (if you are already a follower, you TOTALLY rock!) and post a comment here of a type of product (general, not specific) that you think I like (ie... something that I use a lot or that you would figure I would use.) 

Comment by April 7th, midnight (PDT) and, sorry, you must be a US resident to win this prize.

WHEW... what a day!  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter and I will see you on the 8th for the RAK announcement!