Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project 365 - Driving Chocolate...

Did I get your attention with that title?  It has been a fun week around here!  I received my first Design Team box from Graphic 45 and have been reorganizing my scrap studio to make room for my new products!  But the BIG NEWS around here is that Chris got his driver's license!!!  Yes, there is a problem with this photo, and I don't mean the fact that there are clouds in our perfect Southern California skies!  The problem is that I AM STANDING OUTSIDE THE VAN... taking this photo!  ;-)  This is a picture of Chris' first solo drive... first things first... he got in and checked the mirrors... he got his favorite CD in the stereo... gave me a quick smile... and went on his way.  This moment broke my heart just a bit... I know he will be 18 soon... he is a good kid... but this was a step of growing up that hit me hard... funny how we react to different life moments.  Lord, please keep my son safe!

Now... onto the chocolate!  My love of orchids came from my Dad... his backyard is FULL of these beautiful flowers of all colors and sizes.  This chocolate orchid (as we call it because of the rich, dark brown color of the buds) has one very special flower.  Of the 50 or so blooms on this new plant, the flower right in the center of the photo is the ONLY one on the whole plant that opened up and displayed a full center of bright and striking red!  The other flowers have yellow centers with accents in red, but not our special bloom.  I come out every morning and check on this beauty... and it greets me everyday with a glistening and vibrant smile!

Back to scrapping!!!  Make it a GREAT day!


Colleen said...

My daughter took her first solo drive last fall. Was one of the hardest things that I have ever witnessed, her driving off without anyone else in the car. It does get easier.

scrappinnanny said...

You do beautiful work and something else my maiden name is Locher... Are we related