Thursday, April 1, 2010


WOOOOO HOOOOO!  So... I knew the announcement would be made this morning, but with around 90% of the announcements that I have seen, the winners are called in advance so that their photos and bios can be posted in the announcement post.  Since I didn't receive a call, I figured that I didn't make the team, but i was excited to see the list today and who made it. 

I woke up early.  (I couldn't sleep)

I opened the Graphic 45 page and, yep, the anouncement was there... front and center. 

I read (kinda) the first part of the post and scrolled down to the list of names.

I froze at the first name, then started scrolling down slowly... one name... then another... I only had one eye open and I scrolled down, one at a time... here is the list from the Graphic 45 Blog...
Domestic Team
Christie Bryant
Tammy Roberts

Laura De La Rosa
Gloria Stengel ... I stopped here because Gloria is a fellow San Diegan and Ever After teacher.
Jade Moore
Candy Rosenberg (DT Coordinator)

International Team
Jenny Svennson
Jane Tregenza
Trisha Ladouceur

SERIOUSLY... I had to look at that list a few times to be sure that I was REALLY seeing my name... yes, I am a self admitted dork, so it took a few views of the list before I believed it! ;-)  I am so thankful that Graphic 45 has given me this opportunity and I CAN'T WAIT to get to know the other designers!

I don't know if we can show our final projects in public yet, so I am only going to post a few "teaser" shots here on my blog.  We were to create one project and mail it to the G45 corporate office.  I decided to go BIG... in my previous tease to you, I said that my project would make your head, "Spin right round, baby, right round."  I LOVE that  "Dead or Alive" song from the 80's... and the next lyric is... "like a RECORD baby..."  I created a hanging photo gallery out of vinyl records!  I have a lot of comments and stories about this project, but I will wait until I hear from the "G45 Powers that Be" before I talk about the whole project.

Now... time for the RAK!  Since I have NO Graphic 45 papers at the moment (the 10 original assignments and the record photo gallery took up my whole stock), I sending the random winner some of my favorite products. 

To win the RAK, I want you to become a follower of my blog (if you are already a follower, you TOTALLY rock!) and post a comment here of a type of product (general, not specific) that you think I like (ie... something that I use a lot or that you would figure I would use.) 

Comment by April 7th, midnight (PDT) and, sorry, you must be a US resident to win this prize.

WHEW... what a day!  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter and I will see you on the 8th for the RAK announcement!


JadedStudios said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel!! This will be an exciting year!!

JuliesAddiction said...

congrats Tracey!! so haapy to see your name on that list!! you ROCK!!!

I think you like bling...and anything Prima :)

Jane Tregenza/Seriously Scrapbooking said...

Congratulations Tracey I am looking forward to getting to know you and the other Girls over the coming year. Can't wait to see what your final project was!

Jill Oriente said...

Congrats! Your work totally rocks!

Heather Brown said...

GIIRRRLLL You totally ROCK!!! I knew you would make it!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

The Vintage Key said...

Congrats Tracey!!!!!!!!
I am also super excited!!!!
I can't wait to start working with all you wonderful ladiesand your great talents!!!
Congrats again,
Laura De La Rosa
G45 Design Team Member
The Vintage Key

Gloria Stengel said...

I know we already congratulated each other, more...well done, you! I knew you'd make it. Didn't I tell ya?! I was a big dork too, reading with only one eye open and saw my name...and still keep waiting for Candy to call and say APRIL FOOLS! hee hee Love your sneaks...I can't wait to see everyone's project!!!

Ever After needs to get a party started for us, right?! LOL

Colleen said...

wow, congrats. Have a fun time with the DT. My guess is that you like to use flowers a lot.

LISA said...

Congrats!!! Soooo well deserved!!!! Hope it will be an awesome year for you and I cant wait to see your work!!!!
♥ Lisa

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Congrats! It is definitely going to be a fab year:) I look forward to playing with you !

PamS said...

Congratulations! I saw your name on the Graphic 45 blog. You must be so excited.

Melody said...

Just wanted to stop and say congrats!! I live in the area and visit Everafter often. I was admiring your Graphic 45 page that is up by the 45 papers. I am also a good friend of Gloria! So happy for you both!

Jeja said...

Congrats girl!!!
I so know that feeling.
This is going to be one exciting year!


Christie Bryant said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to get to know you better - it's going to be a fabulous year!

Melanie said...

Congratulations!! You all are so talented. Can't wait to see the things you come up with this year!
My guess is you would like metals, like charms, metal leaves ect.
Thanks for the give away!

Kristy Hansenwi said...

Congrats to you. It will be an exciting year for you that is for sure. I would think you like distress inks a lot.......Good luck with this new designing job.....KH

Nikki Love said...

Super HUGE Congrats!!!! As far as what you would like, my suggestion would be the new Zutter Distress-It-All. Got mine and LOOOVE IT!! Happy Easter, Tracey :)

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Well done tracey, super pleased for you, well deserved.

And as i have seen a tiny fraction of your stash in real life i just KNOW you love buttons and blooms, lol

Beckie Dreyer said...

Well no surprise! You are awesome and so is your work! Looking forward to seeing more!

Catherine said...

Congrats - your work is amazing and I can't wait to see what you produce as part of the DT. Oh and as for what you like...I'd say ink and flowers!

silvia said...

Congrats!!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED for you!!! Can't wait to see your projects!!

I've been following you and you are a "Queen of Bling" :)