Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project 365 and GRAD NITE!

Yes, it is Grad Nite season... in fact, the big event is 4 WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!!! AUGH! As the Chair of Grad Nite, my life is not my own for the next month or so! We have an AMAZING line up and EXPECT to surpass last year, which was dubbed the BEST OGHS GRAD NITE IN OVER 15 YEARS!!! (By volunteers that have been around that long!) ;-)

In the meantime, we have been having fun with lots of other activities! The annual Dick Disney Athletics Auction was (as always) a lot of fun and thanks to the volunteers, the event was just as great as ever... and quite successful!!! Here are photos of family friend, Krista with Anna... and Anna being introduced to the crowd by MC extraordinaire, Jeff Dunn, as part of the OGHS Class of 2022... LORD, help us!

Jeff took Anna to Legoland for a Daddy/Daughter day and here are a few pictures of Anna having a GREAT day!

This week was Puppy Abby's 1st birthday! I CAN'T believe that we have had her in our family, and in our hearts, for a year now! She is such a blessing and we love her with all our hearts!
Finally, I shared a photo of our Chocolate orchid in my last post, but I have to share another special orchid. My Grandfather, Papa, had pots and pots of the most BEAUTIFUL cymbidiums you have ever seen. Every year these pots would produce a few hundred SPECTAULAR blooms... spraying out like a firecracker... each flower more beautiful than the last... and the flowers glistened and would shine for months! When Papa passed, we were lucky enough to get two of these pots... one with yellow blooms and one with these perfect white blooms. It rained last night and this morning was the perfect time to capture these special gifts from God!

Thanks for checking in and I will have some new work posted soon... it is Grad Nite season and as far as my Graphic 45 work goes, we are not allowed to post our new work until it goes up on the G45 blog, so we have to be a bit patient... hard... YEAH, I know!!! Make it a GREAT week!

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Heidi E. said...

Love hearing your updates.. Cant wait to see your new projects ♥