Monday, July 27, 2009

Ants and Pee and Poo...

Boy, OH BOY, do I lead an exciting life! :-) My life for the past few weeks since puppy Abby came along has been one straight series of cleaning pee, poo and ants... I SWEAR that Southern California is sitting on an ant hill... everyone I know is dealing with the same ant war that we are currently waging... MAN, I HATE ANTS!!! At least, thank goodness, Abby is now sleeping through the night and we have only had 1 accident in the past 3 days! WOOO HOOOO!
These might not be the most exciting pictures, but now that our oldest, Jessica, is living out of state, I wanted to share some of the everyday things that are going on around here! In the past 2 weeks, we have started tearing out the landscaping in our arbor area... which was overgrown over the concrete and about 5 feet tall... we have to replace the fence, shorten up the arbor area, build a new overhang, replace the concrete pad, build a new patio... and that is just on THIS side of the yard... we also cut a TON off the pepper tree (we love that tree!) and are clearing the back corner of the yard for the playhouse Jeff is going to build for Anna... and we have to get this all done before we host the Varsity Football team dinner in October... LORD HELP US!!!There are a few pics of the BEAUTIFUL (and historic) INN AT RANCHO SANTA FE... I kidnapped Jeff for our anniversary and took him to this resort for the night. THANK YOU KYLE for staying with the kids and the puppy and living in the Land of Pee and Poo and Ants... those 24 hours just about killed you, I know! ;-)
Also... a few pics of cute Abby... YES, she sleeps with her tongue sticking out... she also snores... :-) I also crashed again on the bike... SERIOUSLY... those DARN CLIP BIKE SHOES! We did a 14 mile ride on Saturday and a 20 mile ride (crash day) on Sunday... boy was Chris impressed that I wasn't crying when I came into the house, arm dripping blood, covered in dirt and said, "WOOOO HOOOO!!! I'M AN OFFICIAL CYCLIST! I HAVE ROAD RASH!!!" I know... I told you... I lead one heck of an EXCITING life! :-)... ( and I wouldn't change a thing!!!) :-)
Chris starts school 2 weeks from today... Anna starts Kindergarten 4 weeks from today... where in the HECK DID SUMMER GO!? I don't know, but here we go again!!! Make it a GREAT week!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

8 years ago today was one of the best days of my life... it was a PERFECT day!!! Jeff and I were married at the San Juan Capistrano Mission Basilica by Father Martin (what an INCREDIBLE man!). It was a perfect Southern California day... our reception at a private tennis club... palm trees swaying, ocean air tickling your senses, dancing, great food, lots of love...
These are a few of my favorite pictures from our wedding album. I have a special surprise for my sweet husband... shhhhhhhh! ;-) I love you with all my heart, Jeff!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flock of 80's and Puppy Abby!

It has been a CRAZY few weeks!!! Taking care of a brand new puppy (Abby just turned 11 weeks), 4th of July at the Shedd's house (Woooo Hoooo!), watching over the UBER TALENTED Rusty Pickle Finalists running the Design Team Amazing Race, AND going out with my cousin Kyle and sister Mary for a Girl's Night Out for the first time in... ummmmm... since I was married 8 years ago...?
Little Abby has caused quite a change in our house, but is SO DARN CUTE and SUCH A GOOD PUPPY that nobody cares! She is almost potty trained, she sleeps with us all the time, she plays, and she LOVES to explore UNDER things... her favorite spot in the house is under the couch... she hides and just sits there until we find her... little nose poking out from under the couch. Here are also pics of her with her "personal" Doctor and nurse... yes, she has already been to the vet twice in the past week... AND she put on 2 pounds in ONE WEEK!!! And what a little kisser... she is such a BLESSING to our family!!!
4th of July at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave's house was AWESOME... pool, family, friends, great BBQ and BETTER drinks... Mom and Dad came down for the weekend... FANTASTIC!

RUSTY PICKLE AMAZING RACE... We have 6 new Pickle Sisters! Beth Root, Cathleen Smith, Dawn Gallop, Julie Hill, Julie Walton and Pamela Young made the team. I am (personally) looking forward to Krisit Egle, Tiff Sawyer, Noeleen Acosta, Mandie Dillard, Sarah Carrington and Jodi Ethington joining the team in the near future!!! You all INSPIRED ME so much that I can hardly WAIT to get scrapping!

Finally... ohhhhhhh did I need a night out! My sister, Mary, has been raising money to purchase a new police dog for Orange County for the past 2.5 years! She held a fundraiser at the OC Tavern on Friday night... the band, "Flock of 80's" performed and were UBER FANTASIC!!! We were singing and dancing until 3AM!!! One of the current K9 dogs and his partner were there to meet the crowd... Officer Jarret and K9 Kilo were AWESOME!!! Such a friendly dog... a bit scary knowing what he is capable of... he was rolling around on his back, wanting to be scratched... he was kissing the girls and sitting for the boys... Kilo was sooooo cute! Mary raised almost $1,500 that night... she is getting close to the goal of the new dog for the OC!

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The NEWEST MEMBER of the Locher Family...

Jessica and Miss Abby "Lane" Locher

(KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK... COSMO CRICKET... ARE YOU OUT THERE!? IF YES, MY AUDITION IS THE POST BELOW THIS ONE... AND IT IS CHIRPING... (chirp... chirp...)... now back to our regularly scheduled post...

We are dog people. We have ALWAYS been dog people. We have wanted to have a family dog since we were married, but the time was never right... AND... Jeff wanted a BIG dog (yellow or chocolate Lab) and I wanted a little mutt... so time passed and we never got a dog...

... and then I got an email from my sister about puppies and I saw the picture... and I fell in LOVE! A few hours later, I shared the info with Jeff and he said "YES!" We got a call yesterday morning from the "puppy Mommy" to come see the puppies, so we grabbed the kids (without telling them what was going on), threw on some clothes and drove up to San Clemente and picked up the newest member of the Locher family... 9 week Miss Abby "Lane" Locher! We don't know what kind of dog she is... we have heard a bit of Lab, Hound, Pointer... we don't know, but she is ADORABLE! Very sweet personality... SUCH the lover... what a DOLL!
Right after we picked her up, we took the family (and Nicola, Chris' girlfriend) out to lunch at our favorite, "Jon's Fish Market" in Dana Point... and YES... I subjected poor Abby to her first photo shoot... COME ON, NOW... several of you have already been complaining that I didn't have pictures up last night... :-) The pictures here are of Anna, Jeff, Jessica and Abby...
CUTEST STORY SO FAR... Abby has been sleeping in a crate at night, so we rushed out and bought one for her. She had no problem getting into it, but started crying when we closed the door, dimmed the light, and left the room. So Jeff, Anna and I sat and cuddled and played with her in the crate for about an hour trying to get her to sleep. Finally, Anna started singing her a "Good Night" song and within 10 seconds, Miss Abby was sound asleep!!! (Ahhhhhh!) :-)
Have a GREAT week! I know we will!!! (CHIRP!)