Monday, July 13, 2009

Flock of 80's and Puppy Abby!

It has been a CRAZY few weeks!!! Taking care of a brand new puppy (Abby just turned 11 weeks), 4th of July at the Shedd's house (Woooo Hoooo!), watching over the UBER TALENTED Rusty Pickle Finalists running the Design Team Amazing Race, AND going out with my cousin Kyle and sister Mary for a Girl's Night Out for the first time in... ummmmm... since I was married 8 years ago...?
Little Abby has caused quite a change in our house, but is SO DARN CUTE and SUCH A GOOD PUPPY that nobody cares! She is almost potty trained, she sleeps with us all the time, she plays, and she LOVES to explore UNDER things... her favorite spot in the house is under the couch... she hides and just sits there until we find her... little nose poking out from under the couch. Here are also pics of her with her "personal" Doctor and nurse... yes, she has already been to the vet twice in the past week... AND she put on 2 pounds in ONE WEEK!!! And what a little kisser... she is such a BLESSING to our family!!!
4th of July at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave's house was AWESOME... pool, family, friends, great BBQ and BETTER drinks... Mom and Dad came down for the weekend... FANTASTIC!

RUSTY PICKLE AMAZING RACE... We have 6 new Pickle Sisters! Beth Root, Cathleen Smith, Dawn Gallop, Julie Hill, Julie Walton and Pamela Young made the team. I am (personally) looking forward to Krisit Egle, Tiff Sawyer, Noeleen Acosta, Mandie Dillard, Sarah Carrington and Jodi Ethington joining the team in the near future!!! You all INSPIRED ME so much that I can hardly WAIT to get scrapping!

Finally... ohhhhhhh did I need a night out! My sister, Mary, has been raising money to purchase a new police dog for Orange County for the past 2.5 years! She held a fundraiser at the OC Tavern on Friday night... the band, "Flock of 80's" performed and were UBER FANTASIC!!! We were singing and dancing until 3AM!!! One of the current K9 dogs and his partner were there to meet the crowd... Officer Jarret and K9 Kilo were AWESOME!!! Such a friendly dog... a bit scary knowing what he is capable of... he was rolling around on his back, wanting to be scratched... he was kissing the girls and sitting for the boys... Kilo was sooooo cute! Mary raised almost $1,500 that night... she is getting close to the goal of the new dog for the OC!

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!


STAMPMOM9 said...

Congrats to Mary!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Abby is soooooo LUCKY to have you!!! The Flock of 80's sounds AWESOME!! Hugs, Dawn (Thanks!!)

Anonymous said...

Awww, look at those big doh eyes, just gorgeous, give him a hug from me, so glad you got a night out after 8 years, you sound like me LOL!!!