Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project 365 - Fashion Show... First Week of School...

Come on, now!  You go out.  You spend money on new clothes for school.  You must have a fashion show! ;-)  It is a tradition in our family (probably in yours, too) that you have to try on all of your new clothes for Dad when he gets home from work after a day of shopping.  After all, Dad pays for the clothes, right!?  Jessica did it.  Chris even enjoys modeling/showing Dad his new clothes.  My sister, Mary, and I did it when we were kids (and I LOVED it... actually, I STILL do it!)  So, Anna is just the youngest in a long line of fashion show models! ;-)

I decided for this week of Project 365 photos to shoot Anna each morning before school.  Now... of course, we had a HEAT WAVE this week... mid-80's by 9AM, humid (in San Diego, REALLY!?)... and over 100 degrees every day but Friday!  So Anna was a bit limited as to what she could wear... hope you enjoy the fashion show!
Yes, a Hello Kitty shirt and boots (it was 106 degrees this day... AUGH!) 
But she looked DARLING!

Make it a fashionably WONDERFUL weekend! ;-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project 365 - First Day of First Grade...

Yes, our baby is not a baby anymore!  I can't believe that Anna is in first grade already!  I feel so blessed that Jeff gave me the opportunity to stay home with Anna for the first 6 years of her life!  I know it is going to be really weird to have these quiet days without my constant companion!  Jeff and I were both there for Anna's first day, and she did great... although her first comment to me when I picked her up was, "That was a LONG day, Mommy!  I sure need to go home and get some rest!"  It was an emotional day for me... I miss her already!

It is now time to start work on my new little business... more on that later.  For now, make it a GREAT day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project 365 - COOL BREEZE 2010!!!

WHAT A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!! For almost a decade (8 years to be specific) we have been heading up to The Lot so that Jeff and frat brother, Dave Carlson, could ride the Cool Breeze Century together, we would get the families together, and have a wonderful weekend. There was the ride in 2004 that was really tough for Jeff... took him a few hours longer to finish than normal... his last ride before diagnosis just a few short months later. Then there was 2005 when Dave and another frat brother, Dan Dawson, did the ride to celebrate Jeff and the end of chemo... and we were there to support Dave and Dan and their friendship! Then, I (finally) decided to throw my hat into the ring and joined the boys for my first ever bike ride in 2009... and finished the metric! So here we are... for the 2010 event...

Let's back up just a bit... we drove up to The Lot on Thursday so we could enjoy the last weekend of summer... Anna would start FIRST GRADE on Monday! Anna's new tradition is to set up "her desk" as soon as we arrive at The Lot! Her coloring books... her crayons... it might have been Grandma Louise's desk, but it is Anna's "office" during our stays! ;-)

Friday... We took a 13+ mile ride from The Lot to the ice cream parlor in downtown Ojai. It was a GREAT pre-race ride and a wonderful morning! That afternoon, we went to Dave and Mari's house for a yummy carbo loading dinner (thanks, guys!). I did a quick photo shoot with Anna and Shane (goofballs!) and then Anna stayed the night so that Jeff and I could get an early start on the ride. (Thanks, Mari!)

Saturday... I had planned to go for the full century this year, but due to the year end commitments at the high school, I had to take over 2 months off of training and just didn't feel ready to do the full century. I decided to do the mini metric and add 10 miles onto the end... 48 miles in all for me. Jeff rode the first part of my ride with me and then did the metric... so about 70 miles for him. Dave and friend Paul did the full century.

Oddly enough, I am LOVING spinning, but I am afraid of riding on the real road... I've heard too many stories and don't want to get hit or be run over... so, I only got in (2) 16-mile road rides before the 48 miles and was thinking it would take me around 5 hours to finish. I had a FANTASTIC ride and finished in 3:10... almost 2 HOURS FASTER THAN EXPECTED! I finished soooo early that I had time to go back to The Lot, get a shower and change before heading back to the finish line for the boys.  15.1 miles per hour average for me!  WOOO HOOOO!

Me, Jeff, and Dave just before the start...

Jeff and Abby... waiting for Dave to finish so we could all go enjoy our finish line BBQ!

Jeff, me, Paul and Dave... the 2010 riding group!

We always head up to The Lot for a BBQ and family afternoon after the Cool Breeze... this year was no exception. It was the perfect way to end the summer and get ready for another crazy school year!  Here is a photo of one of the most iconic items at The Lot... it isn't the original wagon wheel (that already fell apart), but this one looks just the same, and is in the same spot that Granddaddy put it all those decades ago... ;-)

On a strange side note, the part of the Cool Breeze that always freaks me out is the section that we have to ride ON THE FREEWAY! About 3 miles going north and about 4.5 miles going south... and my worst fear happened this year... two female riders were hit by trailer... THANK GOD they are going to be alright...

Project 365 - Back to School Supplies and CLASS LIST!

This might sound a bit strange, but I didn't like summer vacation growing up!  I LOVED school and I couldn't wait until I got to go back!  When I was younger, I spent many summers "playing school" with my sister and our neighbor, David.  They were the students and I was the teacher.  I had lesson plans, worksheets and a red pen to correct their work.  We set up our desks on our HUGE front porch and spent most of our summer days, pretending to be back in school.

So when the time actually came around to get our Back to School supplies, I was THRILLED!  But the BEST THING EVER was when the school posted the class lists... we got to see who our teacher would be, what kids were in our class and what classroom we would spend the next year in.  Still... after all these years... I get excited to see the "class list!"  I guess my excitement has rubbed off on my kids... here is Anna... RUNNING to see her new classroom!  (((  happy sigh )))

Of course, Project 365 would NOT BE COMPLETE without a picture of the supply stash... the new paper and pencils... pens and notebooks... shoes and backpacks... and yes... my supplies for Booster volunteer work, too!  I can already feel it in the air... 2010-11 is going to be ONE... CRAZY... YEAR!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365... Chalk-art, Car Wash and Plumeria...

When Jessica comes over to visit with Anna, the two of them love to do crafts together.  Here is a picture of some of their "chalk-art" they left on the front stoop of the house. 

After a long day of work, Jeff came home and decided his work truck needed to be washed.  Anna was MORE THAN HAPPY to help him out... she ran into her room... changed into her swim suit... and got to washing the truck!  Here is your little "Pin Up" girl, Daddy! ;-)

Jeff and I LOVE tropical looking plants... Gingers... Palms... Orchids... and Plumerias!!!  I must say... with as many Plumeria plants that we have had over the years, we have never been able to get one to bloom... until now!  We purchased this beauty last year and SURPRISE, SURPRISE!  This citrus smelling beauty has popped out with all sorts of blooms... and several more stalks that are about to bloom!  See, Dad... WE DID IT! ;-)

Thanks for checking in and make it a GREAT weekend, everyone!!!

New layout... Creative Imaginations...

Yesterday, I finished up several design team layouts for my local scrapbook store, Ever After in Vista, CA.  One of my favorite parts of designing for a scrapbook store is that I get to work with lots of different companies... and sometimes with products that are TOTALLY not my personal style, but I show that they can work, "Tracey Style!" ;-) 

This is a fun layout using new Creative Imaginations... oh, and a few flowers... and, of course, SAKURA... (Permapaque™, Brown)... I used the pen as doodling on the green paper and as added dots around the banner.

I thought the circle paper was darling, but too much as a whole, so I cut it in half, leaving an opportunity to add circles (cut from coordinating paper), flowers and journaling. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Project 365...Dad, Zeus, and a Bird...

This past weekend was my Aunt Sarah's 58th birthday... the family had a surprise party for her... it was an afternoon of good food, happy tears, pool time, and animals...

My Dad loves lots of things... first... my Mom... second... my sister, me, the son-in-laws and the grandkids... then there are the frogs, turtles, butterflies and fish...

... my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave have a 10 year old African Spurred Tortoise named, "Zeus..."  He is an AMAZING creature... he has grown SO MUCH in the past few years... he can RUN like you wouldn't expect from a tortoise... and he EATS... A... TON!  Once the party started, Zeus decided to join in and Dad took the opportunity to hand feed him.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave also have several birds... I don't really know which came first, their love of birds, or their son, Steven's love of birds... before Steven left for college and beyond, he had a TON of birds in a home aviary... long story short, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave still have 2 birds... "George" and "Elsie"... She is a white Umbrella Cockatoo with a wicked sense of humor. Anna and Jeff played with her a bit... and she played a bit with Jeff's glasses...

It was a WONDERFUL afternoon with the family!  LOVE YOU GUYS!  Make it a GREAT day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Can't Believe he is 18...

9 months old...

18 years ago right now was supposed to be my first day of 3 weeks off of work for my pre-delivery maternity leave... I had SOOOO much to do to prepare for the arrival of our 2nd child... but around 3AM, I felt my water start "leaking."  We were living in Hesperia at the time (90 miles away from work, our doctors and the hospital in Orange County) so we decided that I better drive down to Mom and Dad's house and see what the day might bring.  Around 10AM (right now), we arrived at Mom and Dad's and decided we better leave 2-year-old Jessica with them and go get checked by the doctor.  Sure enough, we were admitted and delivery day began!
2 months old...

I SERIOUSLY can not believe that my baby boy is 18-years-old already... just can't believe it!  My cute little toehead... my cuddler... my goofball... my sensitive one... my athlete... my pain in the butt... the one we cheer for, laugh with, yell at, support and love... is 18... ((( sigh )))...

First day of Kindergarten

Easter 2002... age 10...

Caribbean Cruise in 2006... age 14...

Lake Arrowhead, before mountain bike race... 2010... age 17...

Mom, Aunt Sarah (birthday gal) and Chris... 2 days ago...

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!  We love you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project 365 - My Little Shoebox DT BOX ARRIVED!

HOLY COW!!!  My 6-month supply of My Little Shoebox products arrived and even Anna was giddy with excitement... "Hurry and open the box, Mommy!  This is like CHRISTMAS!" 

Inside that uber big box was, well, to start... A BRICK... 10 sheets of each of the papers from each of the 6 lines that were released at CHA!  10 SHEETS... SERIOUSLY!  Then there were 4 complete sets of each of the 6 colors of chipboard alphas... 4 sets of each of the 6 new colors of glitter alphas... 6 sets of all 6 colors of the alpha minis...multiple sets of the stickers, journaling die cuts, the new stamps from each line and the new square scalloped papers. 

SOOOO MUCH YUMMINESS... SO LITTLE TIME! ;-)  THANK YOU MY LITTLE SHOEBOX and Miss Helen!!!  Looking forward to designing many more projects for you!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sakura RAK Winner and Project 365...

Winner, winner... we have a WINNER!  I went to my favorite number selecting site ( and was given the following winning comment by CATHERINE...  "Fantastic RAK and love hearing of the adventures you're having with your kiddos!"  Catherine, email me at with your mailing address so I can get your RAK to you!  Thanks to everyone that stopped by during the Week of Sakura and posted comments!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Sakura for giving me the opportunity to test several of their products and for providing the Sakura products for the RAK! 

Yesterday I caught up with one of my bridesmaids, Trish, and the kids at her new vacation home in Oceanside!  It was FANTASTIC to see her and the kids... HOLY COW!  "Little" Bobby, who will be 18 in just a few days is not so little anymore!  He just graduated from high school and is about to start the Fire Academy!  Matthew (family friend and all but one of Trish's kids) and Bobby are pretty much inseparable... (as you can see by their color coordinated beach wear!)  Yes, that is Anna in the background... she wanted NOTHING to do with the camera!  Have a GREAT day, everyone!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 365 - Book... Bricks...and my Bright and Beautiful Scrap Studio...

"B" seems to be the word for today... just go with it... I'm in a weird mood... ;-) 

BOOK... I'm THRILLED to be able to FINALLY share a layout that I created 2 YEARS AGO!  It was picked up to be in a book written by Summer Fullerton and Kimber McGray, published by Memory Makers... and then Memory Makers (Magazine) closed and the book section of the company reorganized its publication schedule.  So, it took a bit of time, but WOOOOO HOOOOO... my FIRST publication in a book!

BRICKS... Soooo, we added a master suite to our home six years ago this summer.  In the process of creating this new space, we also had a new patio area created that we started calling our "Fern Grotto."  Jeff had been offered a large amount of used bricks from his dad and he decided that he was going to create his first brick patio... taking after his grandfather (who was a brick mason) and his dad (who learned from his dad and had done lots of brick work in his day!)  Jeff started the patio... then got sick... and, well, the patio area has been sitting there ever since... a mess of sand, weeds, and a lonely stack of bricks... until this weekend! 

I just had to share this photo (because I KNOW you are not going to believe this, Dad)... look at this beautiful landing Jeff created just outside our sliding glass door.  Of course, it is not finished... he still has to fill it with sand and finish the surrounding brickwork (which he is doing as I'm typing!)  Jeff is trying to have the patio done before Uncle Paul and his dad come for a visit in September! 

BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL... Ahhhhhh... I just LOVE when I reorganize my studio and give it a good cleaning... which it needed after the CHA Tornado that hit over the past few weeks!  Yes... here is a reminder of the studio "before" cleaning and the new "after" cleaning!  I had a new peg board installed to hang all of my new My Little Shoebox and Graphic 45 embellishments... and with a new box of MLS on the way, I had to get it all ready!

That is it for today!  Make it a WONDERFUL week!!!  And, don't forget to comment about the "Week of Sakura for a chance at the RAK!!!  I'll be posting the winner by noon tomorrow!