Saturday, March 28, 2009

GCD Studios - Audition Time!

Today is the deadline to enter the Design Team audition for GCD Studios. This is only their 2nd DT call and as of yesterday, they had already received over 350 applications for 8 spots! WOW!!! Here is another layout I created for the call. (There are 2 more in previous posts.) I just LOVE this picture of Anna and Chris taking their pumpkins to get weighed. 12 years might separate them in age, but they couldn't be closer as brother and sister!

GCD Studios put out a request for designers who can create "altered items." Although I think my forte is in layouts, I have created quite a few altered items and mini albums that I wanted to share with Heidi and the rest of the judging panel. Enjoy the slide show!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend while we all wait for "call day" on Tuesday! Woooo Hoooo!!! :-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been playing...

I've been scrapping quite a bit... monthly fun with Rusty Pickle and my DT audition layouts for GCD! WOO HOOO!!! The "Adjust Your Sails" layout is Jeff's new current favorite... memories of him... relaxing with The Bug... sailing in Mission Bay... yeah, I can see how the memories from this layout could put him in a happy mood! :-) The "Hard Work" layout is from the same vacation at Campland on Mission Bay... another great day at the beach... kids having fun in the sand... the sound of the water lapping on the wet sand... a gentle breeze tickling the palm trees... ahhhhh, summer! Bring it ON!!! :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Every year, we host a HUGE family party to celebrate our Irish heritage... good food, good company, and good drinks! :-) I must say, that being in the middle of another of my weight loss challenges, I was presented with a difficult decision... be good... or be bad... so what is any good Irish Catholic to do? I set the table with my late "Papa's" orchids and Irish china, I ate a good breakfast, went to the gym and worked out REALLY hard, and then celebrated for the rest of the day! :-)
Our celebration started with a special school day (we home-school preschool for Anna, Cat, and Robbie). We worked on writing exercises, made special Irish bracelets, learned about Ireland, St. Patrick, snakes and leprechauns during circle time, and performed "The Three Little Pigs" for the whole party! The kids had been planning this performance for a few weeks (since our pig/farm study) and Miss Penny did a FANTASTIC job getting the "costumes" together!
We had another great party, leftovers for 3 days, and are just now finishing the dishes... just in time for me to wish each of you a FANTASTIC, MISCHIEVOUS, and BLESSED St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

GCD Studios...

An editor friend of mine just brought to my attention a new company... about 2 years old... new to me... GCD Studios... based in Lake Forest, CA... only about 1 hour from me and 5 minutes from where I grew up!!! I have been checking them out and found some of their first release to play with (none of my LSS have their newly released stuff yet... coming SOON, I hope!) I have added their link to their blog here and under the "Places I Like to Visit." Here is the first of my audition pieces for their Design Team Audition called, "24 Hours a Day." Thanks for looking and have a GREAT day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anna and the Dentist...

Ohhhh... all these firsts that are flying by... like a leaf that barely opens to the sunlight and falls to the ground and blows away... This week was Anna's first trip to the dentist! She was prepared and very excited because she saw on TV that she would be getting a BRAND NEW TOOTHBRUSH... like the special princess brush she currently has isn't enough... :-) Better yet, her "Grand Aunt Sarah" is her dental hygienist, so there was nothing to worry about! It was funny, sitting there watching Anna get her teeth cleaned, Aunt Sarah said she was having flashbacks to when I was in the chair, at Anna's age, and she was cleaning MY teeth for the first time. (It sure is nice that the older family members are around to remember these things for we youngsters... ha, ha, ha... I LOVE you, Aunt Sarah!!!) Anna did a FANTASTIC job and we were THRILLED that she didn't have a single cavity! Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing with a new company... GRAPHIC 45!

Alright, Graphic 45 is not exactly a brand new company, but it is new to me. I just discovered them a few weeks ago when reading about Winter CHA and saw their papers for the first time at Ever After last week. I LOVE THIS STUFF!! The paper is very thick and the colors and designs are vibrant, fun and oh so vintage! Check out Graphic 45! You will love it, too!!! Make it a "Wooooo Hooooo" kind of day!

OH... and I FINALLY have posted my Resume Blog. Check it out! :-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Biggest Loser Challenge, Rusty Pickle and Australian company, Kaiser...

FIRST... I have been working VERY HARD for the past 6 weeks participating in a "Biggest Loser" type team challenge at my local YMCA. Teams are assigned personal trainers for 6 weeks and compete to see which team has the highest overall percentage of weight loss. I ate right, I worked my BUMB off and LOST 17.5 POUNDS AND 4" IN 6 WEEKS!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! I have one week to regroup and then I'm starting the next 6-week challenge!!! Watch out... SEXY TRACEY is coming back! :-)

I took 2 whole days off from the gym and got some scrapping done... and developed a few new classes that I will be teaching at Ever After in the next month or so! Enjoy!
Thanks to friend, Dan Kirksey, for these great pics of Anna... soooo cute!

This layout was published in Spain a few months ago... I'm just now allowed to post it on my blog...

Sorry, you only get a teaser of this layout using the new "Brass Knuckles" line by Rusty Pickle... it has already been picked up for publication... (Woo Hoo!)