Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Every year, we host a HUGE family party to celebrate our Irish heritage... good food, good company, and good drinks! :-) I must say, that being in the middle of another of my weight loss challenges, I was presented with a difficult decision... be good... or be bad... so what is any good Irish Catholic to do? I set the table with my late "Papa's" orchids and Irish china, I ate a good breakfast, went to the gym and worked out REALLY hard, and then celebrated for the rest of the day! :-)
Our celebration started with a special school day (we home-school preschool for Anna, Cat, and Robbie). We worked on writing exercises, made special Irish bracelets, learned about Ireland, St. Patrick, snakes and leprechauns during circle time, and performed "The Three Little Pigs" for the whole party! The kids had been planning this performance for a few weeks (since our pig/farm study) and Miss Penny did a FANTASTIC job getting the "costumes" together!
We had another great party, leftovers for 3 days, and are just now finishing the dishes... just in time for me to wish each of you a FANTASTIC, MISCHIEVOUS, and BLESSED St. Patrick's Day!

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Heather Brown said...

Hey Woman!!! I found your blog on the EA blog, didn't even know you had one!! ANYWAY!!! Love your stuff, you got some MAD talent...

I tagged you on my blog, play if ya wanna!!