Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anna and the Dentist...

Ohhhh... all these firsts that are flying by... like a leaf that barely opens to the sunlight and falls to the ground and blows away... This week was Anna's first trip to the dentist! She was prepared and very excited because she saw on TV that she would be getting a BRAND NEW TOOTHBRUSH... like the special princess brush she currently has isn't enough... :-) Better yet, her "Grand Aunt Sarah" is her dental hygienist, so there was nothing to worry about! It was funny, sitting there watching Anna get her teeth cleaned, Aunt Sarah said she was having flashbacks to when I was in the chair, at Anna's age, and she was cleaning MY teeth for the first time. (It sure is nice that the older family members are around to remember these things for we youngsters... ha, ha, ha... I LOVE you, Aunt Sarah!!!) Anna did a FANTASTIC job and we were THRILLED that she didn't have a single cavity! Woo Hoo!!!


Pamela Ann said...

I remember those days.Ashley was all into the new tooth brush too. She even got a little toothpaste tube.LOL.

Albert said...


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