Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project 365 - Back to School Supplies and CLASS LIST!

This might sound a bit strange, but I didn't like summer vacation growing up!  I LOVED school and I couldn't wait until I got to go back!  When I was younger, I spent many summers "playing school" with my sister and our neighbor, David.  They were the students and I was the teacher.  I had lesson plans, worksheets and a red pen to correct their work.  We set up our desks on our HUGE front porch and spent most of our summer days, pretending to be back in school.

So when the time actually came around to get our Back to School supplies, I was THRILLED!  But the BEST THING EVER was when the school posted the class lists... we got to see who our teacher would be, what kids were in our class and what classroom we would spend the next year in.  Still... after all these years... I get excited to see the "class list!"  I guess my excitement has rubbed off on my kids... here is Anna... RUNNING to see her new classroom!  (((  happy sigh )))

Of course, Project 365 would NOT BE COMPLETE without a picture of the supply stash... the new paper and pencils... pens and notebooks... shoes and backpacks... and yes... my supplies for Booster volunteer work, too!  I can already feel it in the air... 2010-11 is going to be ONE... CRAZY... YEAR!

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