Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 365 - Book... Bricks...and my Bright and Beautiful Scrap Studio...

"B" seems to be the word for today... just go with it... I'm in a weird mood... ;-) 

BOOK... I'm THRILLED to be able to FINALLY share a layout that I created 2 YEARS AGO!  It was picked up to be in a book written by Summer Fullerton and Kimber McGray, published by Memory Makers... and then Memory Makers (Magazine) closed and the book section of the company reorganized its publication schedule.  So, it took a bit of time, but WOOOOO HOOOOO... my FIRST publication in a book!

BRICKS... Soooo, we added a master suite to our home six years ago this summer.  In the process of creating this new space, we also had a new patio area created that we started calling our "Fern Grotto."  Jeff had been offered a large amount of used bricks from his dad and he decided that he was going to create his first brick patio... taking after his grandfather (who was a brick mason) and his dad (who learned from his dad and had done lots of brick work in his day!)  Jeff started the patio... then got sick... and, well, the patio area has been sitting there ever since... a mess of sand, weeds, and a lonely stack of bricks... until this weekend! 

I just had to share this photo (because I KNOW you are not going to believe this, Dad)... look at this beautiful landing Jeff created just outside our sliding glass door.  Of course, it is not finished... he still has to fill it with sand and finish the surrounding brickwork (which he is doing as I'm typing!)  Jeff is trying to have the patio done before Uncle Paul and his dad come for a visit in September! 

BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL... Ahhhhhh... I just LOVE when I reorganize my studio and give it a good cleaning... which it needed after the CHA Tornado that hit over the past few weeks!  Yes... here is a reminder of the studio "before" cleaning and the new "after" cleaning!  I had a new peg board installed to hang all of my new My Little Shoebox and Graphic 45 embellishments... and with a new box of MLS on the way, I had to get it all ready!

That is it for today!  Make it a WONDERFUL week!!!  And, don't forget to comment about the "Week of Sakura for a chance at the RAK!!!  I'll be posting the winner by noon tomorrow!

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Catherine said...

Love the new and improved space!