Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365 - EASTER... and another RAK reminder...

Easter!  Another event that takes a week of planning and prep, two days of celebration, and many Project 365 days!  We had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend at Mom and Dad's house... the Donnelly and Schoeffel families were both there... as usual.  We are down to three kids doing the egg hunt... Anna, Sarah and Matthew... down from about 15 kids several years ago. 

This was a significant Easter year... first year without Grandma Louise... first Easter for Puppy Abby... last holiday under Mom and Dad's patio (it is being torn down today and rebuilt this week after over 35 years!)... but the thing we will remember the most is the 7.2 earthquake at 3:40 p.m. in Mexicali, Mexico.  BOY, was it a good one!  It seemed like it lasted forever and although Mission Viejo is a few hundred miles away from the epicenter, the pool water was sloshing, the chandeliers were rocking, and it felt like the ground was "waving..." like we were on a boat in the ocean.  Most earthquakes here in Southern California feel like a giant has taken the sides of the house and shaken it back and forth a few times... and it only lasts a few seconds.  I can't even IMAGINE how much stronger it would have felt if we were at home... 65 miles closer to the epicenter!!!  We got home and only one picture had been knocked over.  Our little house did very well! 

I hope you enjoy the photos of our weekend!  AND DON'T FORGET... you still have a FEW DAYS TO ENTER FOR MY RAK!!!  Read the post from April 1st about the Graphic 45 Design Team and post a comment to enter!  Make it a GREAT week!!!
Goddaughter, Catalina, sharing her two-toned egg.
Anna ALWAYS sticks her tounge out when she is creating and concentrating!
Jessica's Easter basket was full of stuff she needs for her new apartment.
Sooooo cute... Dad, Mom, Mary, John and my sweet Jeff!  I love you guys!
Chris is giving the Easter Bunny a little bit of hiding help!


Beckie Dreyer said...

Awesome pics Tracey! Hope youa re well xxx

silvia said...

LOVE your Easter pics!! Looks like you had a wonderful day :)

Gloria Stengel said...

Love the pics. That 'quake was a doozy! I thought the house would never stop shaking. It's amazing how long 45 seconds is when your house is shaking! Happy all was well at your house!