Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365... and RAK REMINDER!

So... Spring Break... 1 week for Chris... 2 weeks for Anna... CRAZY for Mama! ;-)  The week leading up to Easter was Chris' week off... well, part of it was as Chris had his Wisdom Teeth taken out!  He had 3... both on the top... and AN impacted right one on the bottom.  Although Chris was bummed about losing part of Spring Break, it was pretty rainy, so the beach was out anyway!  He was HYSTERICAL for about 2 hours after surgery... boy was he loving the "happy gas!"  When being helped by the nurse into the car after surgery, he looked at her (with a glazed and silly smile on his face) and said, "HEY, THANKS!  That was GREAT!" 

Next, I had to drop off his pain prescriptions at CVS... on the way there Chris said, (again, glazed and happy)..."Mom, Vicoden would be GREAT right now."  Then we parked in front of CVS.  "Mom, what are we doing here... getting Vicoden!?"  I was getting a bit nervous about leaving him alone in the car, but I just had to run in, drop off the prescription, and pick it up later.  During the 2 MINUTES I was in the store, Chris called me on his cell phone... "Moooooommmmmmm... can you please buy me some VICODEN!?"  His slurred speech, glazed eyes, goofy smile and pure enjoyment of the happy gas had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face!  Chris is one goofy kid!  Once it wore off, he wasn't so happy, but he slept for a good part of the day and was eating hamburgers the next day.  Yep... he heals fast!

Anna asked me to take her Tooth Fairy pillow and give it to Chris' surgeon so he could put Chris' "lost teeth" in the pillow.  She said, "Since Chris is going to hurt, the Tooth Fairy can make him feel better by giving him some money!"  How about the Tooth Fairy helps our poor bank account after having to PAY CASH for that expensive surgery...? ;-)

Anna and I did have a fun afternoon making Rice Krispie eggs and then dipping them in chocolate and putting sprinkles all over them... and they were a BIG hit on Easter!  I think we have a new Easter tradition on our hands!

RAK REMINDER... RAK REMINDER... RAK REMINDER...  The deadline to get in on my RAK is still 3 days away... April 7th, so read the post below and leave your comment (on the post below.)  Looks like you guys TOTALLY know what my favorite scrappy supplies are!! 


Melody said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Maybe we will get a chance to met in real life sometime at EverAfter.

You asked about the charm on my card, it is from Michael's in the jewelry making section.

silvia said...

How sweet of Anna to offer up her tooth fairy pillow for Chris.