Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Project 365 - Back to some catch up... Grad Nite set up...

((( Deep Breath )))... OK... things are FINALLY starting to calm down around here.  Grad Nite is over.  Chris is on summer break.  But Anna is in her last week of school.  And Chris' summer football season started last night.  No, the craziness never ends... it is just not AS crazy sometimes! ;-)  SOOOOO... back to catch up for Project 365. 

The "Island Trader" booth... or prize booth.  It was LOADED with prizes for the grads!

These are pictures of some of the sets we built for Grad Nite.  We have over 80 sets that we build, every year, in the gym.  Grad Nite also extends to the PAC building (for the make your own music videos) and outside (for the outdoor laser tag arena and large inflatable entertainments like the Bungee Run, Velcro Wall and Rock Climbing Wall.)
The beach photo op... the kids love to use the propos and pose for pictures with their friends.  We have a photographer at Grad Nite and print the photos that night as well.  In the background, you can see part of the casino booth.  This was the 2nd year of the VERY popular Texas Hold 'Em Tournament.  There is also Black Jack played all night long.

The "Australian Outback" food court.  Friend Joe Sanchez painted this HUGE scene of Australia for the food court... it is SPECTACULAR!  We have TONS of food all night for the grad... pizza, pulled pork sliders, churros, fresh baked cookies, vegi trays, sandwhiches, fresh popcorn, nachos, and on and on... this is another VERY popular booth!

I caught Jeff doing his electrical work... thanks to BAKER ELECTRIC here in Escondido who donate all of the electrical equipment to Grad Nite every year!  It is AMAZING how much power it takes to put on this event!!!  You can also see the HUGE parachutte that we hang in the gym every year.  It covers most of the ceiling in the gym and really helps create a different setting for Grad Nite!

Anna... is... so... darn... CUTE!  The parents were working HARD all weekend, so Anna thought she would set up a "tea party" so we could have a little break.  She made up matching plates with Circus Cookies and chips and added a bottled water for each guest.  Here she is waiting for her guests... she said, "It sure is hard waiting for those guests who are fashionably late!"  She just KILLS me! ;-)

It was painting day, so we all sure enjoyed the break and Anna's hospitality!

Poor Abby... we were gone for so many long hours during Grad Nite that she was lonely!  Here she is, cuddled up on the couch in our bedroom, just waking up...

... and yawning!  It cracks me up when she does a big yawn... and her tounge always curls up at the end... ha, ha... ha! ;-)

Lots more still to come... Grad Nite (the actual day of and event)...  Field Day at the elementary school... A day in our life (so you can see the craziness, first hand)... and SAKURA, SAKURA, SAKURA!!!  Make it a GREAT day!

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Heidi E. said...

Wow.. That all looks amazing. You are good at that whole grad night decoration.