Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring Football and Pie-off...

The Spring Game... a tradition at OGHS where the kids "move up" to the next level in preparation for the upcoming football season.  It is the first chance for parents and supporters to see the players for the new season.  We have a BBQ, information about the program, volunteer opportunities and Athletic Booster information (and now that I am co-chair of the Membership Committee, I better get working!)   One of the highlights of the game is the traditional pie-off.  The Athletic Boosters auction off the opportunity to pie several members of the staff at the Spring Game.  This year, there were a few coaches (Plash, Garduno and Donnellon), Principal Tom Allison and VP Penny Parker and Superintendent Ed Nelson... all expecting to get pied in the face.  After all, those of us that bought the opportunity spent good money for this moment. 
As part of Chris' 18th birthday (coming up later this summer), Jeff and I purchased the pie with Head Varsity Football Coach Chris Plash's name on it!  Here are photos of Chris with a peach pie in his hand... Coach getting ready... Chris running toward him... then stopping, pulling out two forks, and eating the pie with Coach.  I think Chris was being "politically correct..."  after all, he didn't want to get paid back all summer long during practice!  Unfortunatly, the entire football team was looking forward to seeing Coach Plash pied, and Chris took a bunch of slack.  Chris was fine... his belly was full of pie and his coach was happy!   He's no dummy! ;-)
Here are also some pictures of what we will see a lot of next season... quarterback Miles Godfrey throwing to Chris... way to bring it for OGHS!  Go Patriots!

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