Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 Week Catch up... over 1,000 photos... hundreds of Grad Nite hours... and a trip to Urgent Care... Let's start with Birch Aquarium...

21 days since Mother's Day weekend... it feels like a LIFETIME ago! 

In the past 3 weeks, Jeff and I have taken Anna and her Kindergarten class to the Birch Aquarium, we volunteered at the Spring Football game and participated in the annual "Pie-Off,"  we spent HOURS constructing, promoting, selling tickets for, and preparing Grad Nite, and then, it was the actual day of Grad Nite.  I have also done a TON of scrapping (all for secret things I can't share yet), TRIED to keep the house clean, held down the fort while Jeff was in Vegas for 3 days for work, and kept the family going. 
We missed my brother-in-law's and niece's birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN AND SARAH)... seriously, we suck for missing those events...then... there was the pain that started in my abdomen the day before Grad Nite... SERIOUSLY... as moms, we all know that we are NOT ALLOWED to get sick or hurt, and I couldn't let anything slow me down for Grad Nite!  I am not saying that because I am the martyr... suffering through to have a great party for everyone else... I seriously had SO MUCH TO DO... AUGH... WHY AREN'T THERE 30 HOURS IN A DAY!?

Long story short... Grad Nite was AWESOME (as you will see in a post shortly)... the best percentage turnout in 18 years!!!  I went to Urgent Care about 24 hours after Grad Nite... spent 5 hours there... an IV and CAT scan later and I was diagnosed with a rare something I can't even pronounce... the doctor telling me that the pain is so bad with this condition that he couldn't BELIEVE that I made it through Grad Nite (he says it feels like acute appendicitis)... there is nothing I could have done (or not done) to prevent it... he sees this diagnosis MAYBE once per year... I am this year's LUCKY recipient (I would much rather win the lottery!)  SOOOOO... I just want to be sure that I don't hear ANYONE (not that I have) say that I don't give EVERYTHING I HAVE to Grad Nite!!!  (Come on... is there any better gig than to put on the biggest party of a high school graduate's career!?)

Back to the catch up... so, after Mother's Day, our next big event was the Kindergarten field trip to Birch Aquarium.  We had never been there and it was SOOOOO COOL!  The photos here are of that day... the "Davey Jones" squid twin, the fish that seemed to "glow,"  Anna looking at a slimy Sea Cucumber (with Daddy watching over her), and the class learning about currents ....

There is so much more to see... keep watching... I am SOOO CLOSE to making it half way through the 2010 Project 365... there is no stopping me now!  Back to photo cropping and scrapping... life is GOOD!

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PamS said...

I hope that you feeling better now!