Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project 365 - Mother's Day and Photo Shoot Gone Bad...

A quick post... Grad Nite, year end stuff, playing with Graphic 45... lots to do! Spring is doing its thing and we have started a fun tomato garden... three different kinds of tomatoes (Roma, Yellow Pear, and Celebrity), potted in large pots, and serving as a border for Anna's new playhouse patio. We watch them everyday and, oddly enough, the smallest tomato (the Pear) is currently outgrowing its counterparts!

Photo shoots... sometimes they work... and sometimes they don't... but they are always fun and I know that someday, Anna will look back on these Project 365 photos and enjoy watching her grow over a year! I know I sure do!

Finally, we celebrated Mother's Day as we have for the past several years... Mom and Dad come down for a visit, which always includes one special meal and family time. We went to the Irish Pub in town this year (O'Sullivan's) and had a SPECTACULAR dinner. They had a Scottish singer doing the traditional Irish songs, including one that had the WHOLE RESTAURANT DANCING... "sway forward, and back, and left, and right, and UP, and down, and left, and right..." SERIOUSLY, the only thing missing from that scene were pints of beer being hoisted up in the air as all the patrons stood up in unison! The night concluded with my Dad being pulled up onto the stage, a short red-haired wig with a beanie placed on his head, and his having to repeat on the cue of the singer the words, "I'm Grand..." in his best Gaelic accent. We are still giggling about Dad and his PERFECT, "I'm Grand!"

My Mother's Day started at 6:00 a.m. when Chris burst into our bedroom, full of smiles and energy (at 6AM!), with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and Toaster Strudels. With a "Happy Mother's Day" and "I'm going back to bed," my day was ready to go! Jessica came by around 8AM with my favorite Starbucks coffee (Carmel Frap, light) and flowers. I added her flowers to those that Anna brought me the day before... what a beautiful and fun bouquet from my family!

Back to work... Grad Nite in 16 days and counting!!! Make it a GREAT week!!!


noel joy said...

hee hee. love that photo shoot gone bad. too funny. they just go like that sometimes, don't they! :)

Anonymous said...
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Brenda said...

Hi Tracey! Just stopping by to say "hi!"