Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365 - 015 and 016

#015... Friday night... Home basketball game vs. cross town rivals, Valley Center... and I was home, sick.  Jeff and Anna went to cheer on the boys and THANK YOU to friend and team photographer, Dan Kirksey, for this cool shot of Chris in the game!  (You can check out more of Dan's work at KDKC Photography.)

#016... according to the news, it sounds like Noah will be bringing the Arc to Southern California next week... "The Storm Series of the Year..." yeah, we will see... in the meantime, our new next door neighbors, Corey and Miguel moved in today and we HAD to finish the rear yard side fence.  Yes, Dad... even Chris was doing construction and helping to hang the fence!  (See... here is a picture of Chris for you, Nicola!)

... next project, the raised wooden deck and then PLANTING!!!  WOOO HOOOO!!

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