Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365 - 005

This is our old side fence.  It has been a good fence.  But, it is time for it to go.  Within the next week, this fence will be torn down, new posts placed and a brand new fence put up.  We have been working on our rear yard reconstruction for about six months now... here are a few flashback pictures to show what this fence/arbor looked like just a few months ago...

This photo is of our arbor area after doing a bunch of clean out of old landscape.

... and after tearing out all the plants and relocating several of the trees,
here is Jeff tearing down the arbor and lattice...
The poor side fence blew over a few weeks ago during a big rain/wind storm, so it is time to put in the new fence!!!  (WOO HOO... we've been waiting to do this for 7 years!)

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