Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 - 003

It is that time... 2 weeks worth of taking down "Christmas"... dusting... new photos in frames... re-decorating with our "normal" things... We have 2 Christmas trees... this one is Jeff's tree known as the "Charlie Brown Tree."  It has all of the antique ornaments and hand croched ornaments he had on his tree for 20 years... as well as all of the colorful, special, handmade ornaments of the family and kids.  Next year we will put up "My Tree"... you will have to wait to see that one! ;-)  This is the last view of the 2009 Charlie Brown Tree!


STAMPMOM9 said...

Amazing!!!! Happy New Year!!

silvia said...

Happy New Year!!! LOVE the "Charlie Brown" tree and can't wait to see your tree next year.My RP Rak came today~ Thanks so much!!!