Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 - Thanksgiving... (yes, I'm catching up)

Mom and Dad had Thanksgiving this year, so we went up the day before to help with the cooking and the prep.  It was a FULL house... the Schoeffels (we missed Uncle Scott), Aunt Penny and Uncle Dick, and Steven's girlfriend, Brooke, and her parents.  Mary and John were with John's family this year.

We decided to do a family photo shoot and cracked each other up!  Even Abby wanted to get in on the fun!

And the star of the night... the dinner... yum, yummy, yumsters!!!  Smoked turkey and gravy, Grandma Marge's potato casserole, rutabega, green been casserole, sweet yams, Mom's special stuffing (the BEST on earth!), my Gulliver's corn, creamed onions, and rolls... and, of course, Mom's pumpkin pies for dessert!  Where, oh where is my spin bike...?

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