Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 - THE LAST 2010 POST!

I can't believe the time is here... the last post for my 2010 Project 365.  No, Dad, I'm not going to do it again in 2011, although I will continue to post photos throughout the year, as well as get back to regular posting of my scrapping, projects and stuff.  But for now, the last story of our 2010, New Years...

Our tradition is that we stay home with the kids, some family and friends... we "hodge podge" all evening... (no dinner, we eat our favorite appetizers instead)... we play games all night... we watch a bit of the hoopla on TV while we get out our noise makers and hats, then we celebrate and shout and laugh and kiss at midnight... watch a bit more of the hoopla on TV, and go to bed.  Yeah, it might not be hugely exciting, but it is WONDERFUL to spend the end of each year and the start of the new year with our kids and our loved ones. 

This year, both Jess and Chris were gone for the first time... Jess was up at Mary's house babysitting for the neighborhood kids while the parents had an adult party next door.  Chris was in Texas visiting Tom.  We had Kyle here (as per tradition) and Jeff and Mindy (who have celebrated with us for the past several years.)

May 2011 bless us with health, love, happiness and laughter.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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Tracey's Father said...

Thanks for a year's worth of terrific family photos. I look forward to every posting. I particularly liked the one of the kids with their guitar T-shirts. Love you all, Dad