Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 365 - Trimester Awards...

Our elementary school gives awards once per trimester... and each class only has 4 awards... Best in Language Arts, Math, Citizen, and Best Overall.  On a side note, it drives me NUTS when schools feel the need to give EVERYONE an award so that nobody will have their feelings hurt... not only does it diminish the value of any award (and the hard work that some kids actually put into their school work), but it does nothing to prepare kids for reality... (I could go on and on about this subject, but I will leave it there...)

We were thrilled when we got the "secret invitation" to the First Trimester Awards Ceremony.  Knowing that Anna was getting an award, I made up a story about it being a special day at school, curled her hair, had her put on one of her favorite outfits, and took a few photos of her before school.

Anna with Principal Ausby... he is one of the most AWESOME Principals that I've ever known!
 Anna was awarded Best in Language Arts.  Although she is in first grade, she is already reading at a third grade level.  Besides the the awards ceremony, the certificate and the medal, the BEST part of this honor is that the kids get to ring the historic school bell... over 100 years old... very heavy... and very cool!
Poor Mr. Ausby... that bell is VERY hard to ring because it is so heavy and while the kids pose for their pictures, he pulls and pulls that bell!

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