Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 365 - Senior Night...

GREAT NEWS! Santa brought us a BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! It has been YEARS since my computer ran this fast... and months since it worked at all! A typical blog post used to take me around 2 hours... now, less than 30 minutes! So... I have 7 weeks of Project 365 to catch up with and not much time to get it done, so, for a marathon of Project 365 posts... HERE WE GO!

Senior Football Night... the last home game of the season... the last time that our senior boys would play in their high school stadium. The first of many "lasts" that we will be going through this year. Senior Night tradition is that the family escorts their senior player onto the field... and the senior gives his mom a flower as the announcer reads some sentimental comments written by the senior for his family.

We won one of two annual "Friday Night Lights" auction packages which included a reserved, front row parking spot at all home football games, free admission to ALL HOME SPORTS GAMES for the year for two people, and dinner for two at all home football games.  It sure was a fun novelty to share when we brought family and friends with us to the games!
For posterity sake, Mom and Dad couldn't make it to the game because they were caring for Mary (who went through surgery that day to put a plate and multiple screws in her wrist and lower left arm... FYI... don't swing dance in a cardboard box, with high heels on, after several Halloween cocktails... just saying...) We were so happy that Papa could be here for Senior Night... actually, he was at almost every single game of the season! So... Jeff, Anna, Papa and I escorted Chris onto the field... I got my flower... we heard Chris' comments... and I held it together and didn't need that tissue that I held tightly in one hand...

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