Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"You're the One That I Want... oh, oh, oh... HONEY!"

With Halloween fast approaching and the final costume choices imminent, I have been thinking back on our recent Halloween events. For the past several years, a large group of us (Mom and Dad, my sister and her family, our best friends the Mackies, and my cousin) have traveled to Vail Lake in Murrieta, CA for their annual Halloween Extraveganza! Yes, this is camping... no, it is not regular tent camping!! The beautiful campground has a main social area and shops they call "the town" that they COMPLETLY DECK OUT with AWESOME Halloween decorations. They have haunted hay rides, a haunted house, vendors, live entertainment, costume contests, dancing, food and drinks... everything you could ever want for an INCREDIBLE family Halloween event. Each camper decorates their site for the decorating contest. There is trick or treating from camp site to camp site. You will see TONS of blow up decor, mechanical goblins, huge spiders and lots of spooky music. A few years ago we met the guy who designed the "pop up" ghosts for Disney's Haunted House ride... he brought several of his pieces to decorate his site. There was also the lady who LOVED spiders and built a HUGE glass display case for about 30 different LIVE SPIDERS... IN HER CAMPSITE... ACROSS FROM OURS... THAT freaked me out... I have a "slight" fear of spiders... :-) Anyway, the entire weekend is amazing. We prepare appetizers with spooky names, have spooky drinks, play with the kids and, of course, we all dress up! We have done a large group costume for the past several years and have won 1st place for the past 3 years. We are not going to make it to Vail Lake this year, so from now until Halloween, I will be taking you on a trip down memory lane of our past years.
This is 2005... We made a traveling jukebox on our wagon complete with the soundtrack from "Grease" playing, lighting to make the disco ball, glitter and cellophane sparkle, safety railing for the girls, balloons, streamers, pom poms and 2 of the cutest 50's chicks you have ever seen!!

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MsGrace said...

This sounds so cool & like so much fun. Now I am going to be on a mission to find something like that around here. What a great family event.