Friday, October 5, 2007

What do we do in Southern California at the end of September?

WE SWIM, of course! The weather is still in the upper 80's, with a slight breeze... paradise!! It was Jimmy Buffett concert time (WOOOOO HOOOOO!) and we needed someone to watch Anna, so Jeff, Anna and I went to visit my parents for the weekend. (Jess and Chris were in a 3-day video competition at school.) Daddy and Anna had a great time swimming the afternoon away! Anna also said "Hello" to her friend, Lightning. Lightening has been in the family for... well, seems like forever!

The concert was GREAT, as always! We realized that this was Jeff's 30th CONSECUTIVE YEAR going to Jimmy Buffett concerts. Jeff even went during chemo... now THAT is a fan!! This is our annual "date night"... it is so nice to enjoy a "boat drink", sing our favorite songs, dance together and hold each other tight during the slow songs. It was a GREAT weekend...
Oh, and here is a shout out to my Mom, who was a bit bummed that she wasn't mentioned on my Blog yet... don't worry Mom... I have pictures of you to share, too... :-) I love you!

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Kari said...

wow!! 30 yrs.!! and I thought I was a diehard INXS fan... but I've only seen them 15 times!! got some catching up to do!! see ya soon!!