Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Is that Daddy?

This weekend was Jeff's birthday and he decided that he wanted to ride the Tour de Poway... 105 miles of cycling, mountains, leg cramps, and FUN! :-) Part of the ride came within a block of our house, so we were very excited to stand on the side of the road with our megaphone and pom poms and cheer Jeff on as he rode by... and all the other riders, too! Like our own local "Tour de France!"

As the cyclists rode by, Anna would ask, "Is that Daddy?" "What about that one... is he Daddy?" It is very hard to tell who is who as they are riding by with their helmets and glasses on, but we finally saw Daddy coming and Anna yelled, "Go, Daddy... Go, Daddy... I LOVE you, Daddy" as loud as she could through her megaphone... it was TOOOOOO CUTE, and a moment in time that you just have to soak in and let rest in your heart so, at a later time, you can call up that moment and quietly say, "Wooo hoooo!" :-)

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I love you! :-)

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Laura Miller said...

Oh gosh Tracey....Anna looks too cute with her megaphone waiting for daddy!!! Sounds like you guys had a great couple of weekends. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!!!!!