Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RUSTY Retreat... Wooooo Hooooo!!!

A few weeks ago, I said "Good-bye" to my family, boarded a plane and flew off to Salt Lake City to attend the annual Rusty Pickle Design Team retreat!!! After meeting up with Kathie and Karen in SLC, we went to the Rusty Pickle warehouse where we got to SHOP 'TIL WE DROPPED... RIGHT FROM THE SHELVES IN THE WAREHOUSE!!! Ohhhhh, that was SO much better than PIER 1!!! :-) After I filled a whole box of product and puchased... um... HOW MANY POUNDS OF BUTTONS???... we took a drive to the mountains of Huber City to our log cabin RESORT.
The cabin was BEAUTIFUL and slept about 20 of us pretty nicely (sorry Beth!) Here are a few pictures of the weekend... the TORNADO that was the scrap room for about 20 Rusty Designers... well, after taking an average of 5 new preview classes a day, free cropping time to play with the brand new product, listening to our 80's music mix, laughing for 3 days straight, eating THOUSANDS of candy calories and only pulling a few hours of sleep a day... it is amazing this place didn't look worse!!! :-)
From the view of chaos, we only had to walk outside to see the view of paradise... yes, the mountain scene was our backyard! Families of deer fed right outside our door, the sunrises and sunsets filled the sky with color and the cool, crisp air was a PLEASURE to breathe in... real slow... Then, of course, there is the picture of our group... it was taken on last night, so please excuse the dark circles under our eyes and our fashionable attire of sweats and PJ's... we were WORKING HARD... and enjoying every single second!!!

I am already counting down the days until next year's retreat! Having a chance to play and get to know the other INCREDIBLE ladies on the team was PARADISE! And the ONLY thing better than that FANTASTIC weekend were the kisses and hugs I got when I returned home... :-)


Eileen said...

Hey Tracey, love what you've done with the place. It's so warm and cozy in here. I like the links to your galleries too...(just spent a few 1000 minutes wandering around....love your work!)

I'm finally getting settled in my new place....the most important stuff (crafts!) was left for last, but now I have a Scrap Closet! Whoo Hooo! It's small but fun...holds everything I had all over the house.

Now that I know where to find you at ALL times...I'll be back!

Love to you and my favorite guy!

Cami said...

I SO enjoyed getting to know you a bit better at the reatreat. It was fun to read about it again...I still need to post photos (I'm soooo behind!). Next time you'll have to bring a heavy duty ziploc baggie for those buttons though! ;)