Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things are looking good!

After a long night, things are looking much better (for us) this morning. The fires from yesterday have moved on and we are currently safe. There is a new fire that has started behind us that we are keeping an eye on, but we are fine now. We stayed here all night... the evacuations stopped a block from us.

The top picture is from this morning looking out from our front door... the smoke rising from the new fire. The bottom picture is the sun rising in the smokey sky above our neighborhood.

We have learned a lot about packing for an evacuation and I have a lot to do to better prepare in case we ever have to evacuate again. I'm going to update our emergency supplies at the same time... something we all SHOULD do, but never get around to doing because we never think this will really ever happen to US.

Thank God for watching over us and for your prayers and love!


Laura Miller said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are fine...I was beginning to wonder....our prayers are with you and your family, Tracey!!!! Keep us posted with your situation.

Beckie said...

Glad things are ok at the moment. Am thinking of you xx