Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project 365 - Halloween (yes... finally!)

It might be mid-November, but I'm finally getting Halloween posted (getting ready for the MLS Blog Hop this weekend... WOOO HOOO!!!) So, letting the photos do the talking, here is our traditional pumpkin carving, we had neighbors the Sisks and Griggs and friends the Seltmanns over for my homemade Chili, Ida's Cornbread, and Marlene's appetizers, and Trick or Treating.  BOO!
Anna LOVES Pumpkin guts... and more importantly, roasted pumpkin seeds (both the garlic and the cinnamon sugar!)
You are never too old to carve pumpkins...
Anna... I'm mean "Alice In Wonderland"... and, of course, my handmade Graphic 45 Trick or Treat bag!!!

Traditional pre-Trick or Treat photo... I really hate that huge spider and web... but the family LOVES it (probably because it freaks me out!)

Kendra and Chris... teenagers always come in last minute to find costumes, so Kendra pulled out a pair of Anna's wings and one of her ballet skirts (yeah, she fit in Anna's skirt) for this darling Fairy costume... Chris went as "Captain America"  Yeah, they are pretty darn cute! :-)

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