Saturday, November 13, 2010

Project 365 - Athletic Booster Booth...

Mindy and Jeff... THANK GOD for good friends!!!
Football season around here has always been a crazy mixture of cheering and volunteering and practices and fundraising and (stinky) laundry... In addition to working in the snack bar and team dinners, this year I was in charge of staffing the snack bar for all of the freshman, JV and Varsity games AND staffing and running the Athletic Booster Booth with buddy, Mindy Seltmann! 

Some of the fun Booster merchandise we have for sale... GO PATRIOTS!
Please enjoy the shots of one of our favorite homes away from home, the new OGHS stadium and the Booster booth! 
For all you PPR (Prep Pigskin Report) fans, our PPR crew was early for this game and these nice guys spent time chatting with us, filming a fun Snack Bar skit for the show, and telling us fun stories about the cast!

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