Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project 365 Discussion... Lu-Owl and Father's Day Celebrations...

For those of you out there doing Project 365, my hat is OFF to you!  This special project of documenting our lives by taking a photo a day for a whole year has been kicking my tush!  I have modified the project a bit... I am not taking ONLY one day for a whole year... the past 2 months are a perfect example of life getting totally out of control... one HUGE event after another... so I may post a photo from one day, then the next 5 photos will be of one specific event.  I figure that the BIG life moments take a ton of preparation and work, so I have been posting my favorite few photos of the big events... covering days that I don't take photos of the planning/work days. 

I would have to admit, that in the true spirit of Project 365, I should be taking photos on the work days, too... documenting the work and planning that goes into the big events... I will try to be better about that in the 2nd half of this project.  YES... I am finally half way through my first Project 365!!!  I am about to catch up with posts for the past few weeks, then, I promise (to try) to do better with a... PHOTO... A... DAY...! ;-)

Lu-Owl... the end of the year fundraising event for Anna's elementary school.  It is a Luau, but spelled, "Lu-Owl" because their mascot is an owl... alright, enough groaning... there are cute photos coming!  Jeff had to work late so Chris joined us for this evening of carnival games, prizes, and fun.

Father's Day Celebrations...  the weekend before Father's Day, we went up to Mom and Dad's for the weekend... celebrated Father's Day with Dad... and had a nice family weekend.
Abby had never met a tortoise before, and she was SCARED TO DEATH by little Lightning!  Here is 55 pound Abby, with her tail down, and SHAKING LIKE A LEAF while checking out Lightning.  Now, Lightning was curious about and not at all scared by this weird dog... she crawled right up to Abby... and Abby would back off and start barking like crazy.  At one point, Lightning was staring at Abby and stretched her head out to take a sniff of Abby... well...their noses accidentally touched and Abby jumped STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR about 4 feet and ran to the other side of the yard.  Needless to say, we were all in tear running laughter all weekend... yes... this went on... ALL... WEEKEND!

Reis... this one is for you!  BACK STORY... at the Athletics Auction back in April, there was ONE BASKET full of girly princess things that Anna fell in love with!  Mom and Dad decided they would buy it for Anna, but would give it to her for her birthday in June.  It was a beautiful and very popular basket and as the silent auction ended, Mom and Dad won the basket, but we told Anna that someone else won it.  She cried and cried and we had some friends that told us we just had to give it to her right then and there.  We decided that it would be even more special when she got it for her birthday, so we distracted her as Mom and Dad scurried it out to the car.  If I remember correctly, friend Reis was the last person bidding against us for the basket and when she heard the story, she agreed to stop bidding under one condition... that I would post a picture of Anna when she finally got the basket!  I have a few other photos to send your way, too, Reis!  THANK YOU!!!  As you can see... Anna... LOVED... IT!!!

Ahhhhhh... Mom and Dad took us and Mary and John and the kids to our FAVORITE FAMILY RESTAURANT, Genghis Khan in El Toro to celebrate Father's Day and recent birthdays!  SERIOUSLY... if you live up in the OC, you HAVE TO check this place out.  Not only do they serve the most WONDERFUL Chinese food, they also have a FANTASTIC Mongolian barbeque!  We have been eating here for over 20 years... I was in labor with Jessica and went to eat my "last meal" here... timing contractions the whole dinner (yes, I still have the paper with the contractions from dinner!) ...we have watched the owners, Julie and Gary, and their kids (and now grandkids) grow up... we were there when Gary passed... and they have watched our family grow.  This was a FANTASTIC weekend!

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