Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project 365 - Anna's Kindergarten Promotion and Ballet Birthday Party

I told you my Project 365 catch up posts would come fast and furiously now!  I have to catch up because I have CHA posts... a SAKURA week... and MY FIRST EVER BOOK PUBLICATION to share with you!!!  So, without further adieu, here we go...

Anna's Kindergarten Promotion... ohhhhhh yes, this was soooo cute and the tears flowed (from both of us!)  It is amazing to think that little Anna will be in first grade in a few short months... didn't we just bring her home!?  Just about as crazy as Chris going off to college in just one more year.  Here she is with her class as they are holding up their report cards after their promotion performance.  Songs, rhymes... since Jeff and I both volunteered in her class all year, we had to try REALLY HARD not to sit and sing all the songs with them! 

Of course, being the saps we are, both of us started tearing up during their last song, "It's A Wonderful World." We were sitting in the front row and all the kids... during the song... started pointing at us saying, "Look! Mr. and Mrs. Locher are crying!" Ahhh... one of those "special" moments... :-)

Our special thank you gift and touching card from Anna's teachers, Mrs. Schlatter and Mrs. Shock.

Anna's Ballet Birthday Party... Now THIS was the way to throw a birthday party!  Our local YMCA is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL and have been doing a TON of reconstruction and upgrades over the past few years.  They have this INCREDIBLE park that you can reseve for PRIVATE PARTIES!  So... here is a review of the easiest party that I ever threw!!!
1PM - 2:30PM... PRIVATE party in the park... yes, a YMCA staff member kept everyone else out of the park so we had the WHOLE place to ourselves!  Shaded seating area where we started with pizza and soda... ohhhhh... the PERFECT party lunch! (Yes, we also had a salad and water for those health conscience adults!) 

The gals playing at the (totally not crowded) park!  Also included in the birthday package was...

You got it!  A castle themed bounce house... just for the party guests!

2:30PM - 3:30PM... inside to the big dance room for a private ballet class with Anna's (awesome) teacher, Miss Emily.  The girls had (almost) as much fun as we had watching them!  Yes, the private class was also part of the birthday package!

3:30PM - 4PM...Finally, outside for gifts...

...and cake and ice cream and a bit more bouncing.  What a GREAT party to celebrate Anna's 6th birthday!!!  We love you, Sweetheart!

(side note for the future... Anna, Auntie Penny drove for 3 hours to get to your party and then had to drive 3 hours home that night.  LOVE YA, Penny!!!)

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