Monday, February 8, 2010

Project 365 - Lights Out, Anna the Scrapper, and Starry Night...

So, this past November, I cooked my lowfat "Chicken Picatta" for all of the Rusty Pickle Chefs at the annual retreat... and my good friend, Tricia, asked for the recipe.  I am an "add a touch of this and sprinkle of this" kinda cook, so I decided to make Chicken Picatta, write the recipe for Tricia and take a photo for my Project 365... in a weird twist of fate, just as I was about to plate up dinner, the lights went out.  We have lived here for almost 8 years and, although we have had several power outages, the lights have always come back on in a minute or two. 

THIS ONE, however, lasted almost 2 hours... no rain... no storm... just lights out... Needless to say... we ate dinner while it was hot and I don't have any pics.  Don't worry, Tricia... I'll post that very shortly... but for Saturday, I'm posting a photo of a few of the MANY candles we had lit... we had a WONDERFUL night... dinner by candlelight... family cuddling and talking around the fire... Anna wasn't scared at all... it was "an adventure!"  It was a GREAT night!

Last night, I was working on a layout for Creating Keepsakes Magazine, and Anna was scrapping next to me.  She has her own spot... own supplies... own chair... own cutting mat.  The project you see is the cover of a mini album she is making for her best friend, Catalina!  She is SO... DARN... CUTE!

Finally, for Jessica's 20th birthday, one of her longest and best friends, Miss Theresa Houston, did an original art piece of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh... one of Jessica's favorite paintings.  I know Theresa has talent... she is a great student, a wonderful singer and dancer, but I had NO IDEA that she could paint like this.  I am TOTALLY... BLOWN... AWAY!  I know that Jess will always treasure this... and Theresa, it was SO SPECIAL of you to take the time to do this for her!!!  The first photo is Theresa's piece... the second photo is of Van Gogh's original... WOW... WOW... WOW!!!
I still don't know how a "non-artist" did this painting... you TOTALLY ROCK, THERESA!!!

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