Monday, February 15, 2010

Project 365 - Catching up for the week...

Another CRAZY week!  So, let's jump right in!

Wednesday was all about cleaning!  Cousin Kyle came down for a shopping/lunch day with me and Mom and Dad were on their way to stay for a week.  So I grabbed the cleaning supplies and went room by room... I LOVE the smell of a freshly cleaned house... SPARKLY!

Thursday, Anna tried out the new can cruncher that Daddy hung for her on the new fence.  Anna has learned about recycling at school, and decided that she wanted to save, crunch and recycle the cans we use here at the house... and Daddy decided that she could put the money from the cans in her piggy bank! 

Friday was Anna's Kindergarten Valentine's Exchange and party!  I LOVED exchanging Valentines when I was a school girl!  Making the little mailbox for my desk... giving out my cards and waiting to see if the boy I liked gave me one, too!  Ohhhhh, the memories!

Anna made a Valentine hat, necklace and heart mailbox and had to model them for me! :-)

Saturday morning was the start of Stage 4 of our backyard renovation.  Mom and Dad were here to help Jeff build the new raised wooden deck!  WOOO HOOOO!!!  I will share pictures of the whole project when it is completed tomorrow. 

In the meantime, here is a photo of Dad helping Jeff... aren't my boys cute!!? ;-)

Sunday - Happy Valentine's Day.  We really don't do very much for Valentine's Day... we exchange cards and give the kids a little something... but Jeff and I feel that it is better to celebrate our love throughout the WHOLE year... he randomly gives me flowers and I randomly hide love notes for him all year, so we don't need to spend 3 times more on flowers or whatever this weekend!  We had Mom and Dad and friends Mindy and Jeff Seltmann over for a yummy Beef Stroganoff dinner and a fun game of "Chicken Foot!"  (A GREAT Domino game)

Today's photo is up top... cute Abby is having a BLAST through all this construction!  She LOVES to stretch out on the cool (and dirty) mud... right next to Daddy... she runs and runs and runs around the backyard and barks at the shovel, rake and broom.  Here she is taking a rest and giving us a cute smile!

Thanks for checking in and I should have photos of the backyard shortly!!!  Oh, AND some yummy GCD layouts... GCD is having a Design Team call and I am going for it... it is a GREAT company with wonderful products that I would LOVE to work for!  If you are interested in auditioning for the team, there is a link to the right of my blog so you can check it out for yourself!!!

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