Friday, February 5, 2010

Project 365 - #034 - 036...

What a week... Dad retired... Rusty Pickle closed... and my first child turned 20... YEARS... OLD!!!  I don't know why... age doesn't bother me... getting older doesn't bother me... but having a 20 year old means that the feeling that I have in my head that I am still in my 20's has gone by the wayside... weird! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA!!!  (I still can't believe it!) ;-)

I also can't believe how big Anna is getting... and how long her hair is getting!  She sure is good at posing for the camera! (only because I torture the poor thing with photos so often!)

Chris... another basketball game... our OGHS Patriots aren't doing very well this year... which is especially hard because they did SO WELL last year!  But... when you have 90% of the team graduate, you are bound to have a transition team the following year.

We are looking forward to another weekend of rain... projects around the house... and SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS!  WOOO HOOO! 

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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