Friday, October 30, 2009

OGHS Varisty Team Dinner!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!  We have been planning for this team dinner for the past several months!  Ladies, you know that we have to set a "deadline" when we start a home construction project, right!? :-)  Months ago we started preparing our backyard for stage 1 of reconstruction... and our "deadline" was to be ready to host about 50 for the Varsity Football Dinner!  35 pounds of homemade chili served in bread bowls, cornbread and homemade butter and honey, chicken caeser salad and the MOST AWESOME DESSERT... apple slices drenched in carmel with whipped cream and crushed walnuts on top!!!  YUM!

Yes, Eric... I noticed that you made it into EVERY PICTURE... :-)

It was a GREAT night and the boys are always wonderful guests!  Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed the whole evening!!!  We play Oceanside tonight... GO PATRIOTS!


laterg8r said...

so glad you got your construction done in time :D

looks like a great party :D

Heidi E. said...

Looks like you had a blast.. Yummy those apples look good.