Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On Vacation...

Ahhhhhh... Jeff, Anna Banana and I are on vacation in Park City this week... enjoying the most wonderful and relaxing vacation... no plans... each day a new adventure... AND LOVING IT!  Our 2,100 square foot condo is INCREDIBLE...the weather is UNBELIEVABLE... and we are enjoying our first vacation with just little Anna.  The teens are back at home... they were busy with work and school and thanks to our FANTASTIC neighbors and friends (Hi, Tom and Sandy), Jess and Chris could stay at home and take care of business.  I am using Jeff's laptop at the moment and he doesn't have photo editing software on this thing, so I will post pics when we get home... here is one that I just had to post... it is so simple, but comfy bathrobes hanging in your vacation closet... ahhhh... heaven!!!

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