Saturday, October 24, 2009

This One's For You, Dad!

Alright, Dad!  Since you may not be able to come down for Halloween since we are all sick, I thought I better post updated photos of our construction for you to see! :-)  You will see Jeff (literally) pulling down the arbor... the start of the patio pour... proof that the new drainage works... proof that NOBODY can keep Puppy Abby away from wet concrete...more work by the crew and the final pad.  The concrete is still curing, so there is still some variation in the color.  We also (obviously) have a lot of clean up and planting to do... the storage shed has been put back together, the side fence still needs to come down and be replaced, and the new  12 x 12 raised wooden deck needs to be installed where the palms trees are still standing... but we are getting there!  At least we now have a place to feed the football team, this Thursday!!!  Enjoy the pics!  I love you!  Be sure to share this post with Mom, too!!! :-)

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laterg8r said...

love the pic of the puppy prints :D