Monday, September 7, 2009


WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Could a Mom be ANY PROUDER!? What just KILLS me about Chris (#88 and the Patriots are in Blue) is that he has only been playing football for 2 YEARS!!! His first year (Freshman year), he was injured after 3 games and out for the rest of the season... those were his FIRST 3 GAMES EVER PLAYING FOOTBALL!!! Sophmore year... Chris played Varsity and was named 2nd Team All League Tight End... Junior year... FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON and Chris is now playing Tight End AND Linebacker... and made his FIRST TOUCHDOWN!!!! (Again... WOOOOO HOOOOOO!)
Here in San Diego, our local news station, KUSI, has a special "Friday Night Lights" show every Friday night through football season called "PPR... Prep Pigskin Report." Our new tradition is that after every football game we RUSH home to watch the PPR and see the 30 second replay of the OGHS game... usually there is not much on our team... but THIS WEEK, THE WHOLE REPLAY was of OGHS... and CHRIS' FIRST TOUCHDOWN is on there... as well as teammate Kevin Donnellon and Dana Walker... the PATRIOTS were AWESOME this week!!!
Click on the thread title above to see the video of the PPR spot on our team... and hope you enjoy the other pics of the first game of the season!!!

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