Sunday, September 13, 2009

OGHS 47 - Crawford 6! GO PATRIOTS!

Week 2 of the 2009 Season and the Patriots are doing GREAT! Even the North County Times noticed the difference in this article in Saturday's paper... "New Orange Glen Crushes Crawford"

A post by friend Dan Kirksey inspired me to share a little story with you. I graduated from Mission Viejo High School and was on the Varsity Songleading team. Mission was a POWERHOUSE in just about everything and they continue their great football tradition by still (20 years later) being ranked one of the top teams in the NATION! Sports seasons ROCKED at Mission because we won (A LOT), school spirit was TOP NOTCH and EVERYONE was PROUD to be a Diablo! Back then, I used to feel sorry for the kids that went to Laguna Hills High School... they were the "Orange Glen" in our district... good school... good kids... but they couldn't compete with Mission, El Toro, Capo... the "Big Boys" in town. I wondered how anyone could be excited about their school when they would almost always lose their competitions.

Looking back at those feelings of a teenager... they are pathetic. And what is even more pathetic is that in the past, I have seen (and heard) those same exact feelings coming from so many of the students and community members about our beloved OG... HOWEVER... things are changing and that change started with the excitement and confidence of our former principal, Ochoa... and his momentum has continued to roll thanks to awesome coaches, teachers, administrators, and the INCREDIBLY HARD WORKING KIDS that have "Bought In" to the fact they are strong, they are talented, they are PROUD PATRIOTS and are now being competitive!
I can tell you now, as a PROUD PATRIOT MOM, that there is NOTHING like watching a team play and fight with all their hearts on the line... and bring home a win!!! The football team... filthy and sweaty... standing at the sideline after a hard fought win... standing right in front of their parents cheering from the stands... and SINGING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS the OGHS Fight Song... there is nothing better!
This was a 3PM game at Crawford, so Jeff was able to get some FAB pics of Chris (#88... same year I graduated from Mission!) and the rest of the Patriot team! GO OGHS!!!

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