Monday, June 1, 2009


I know there are LOTS of you waiting to hear what is going on with the Rusty Pickle Design Team auditions!!! Since I don't want you taking out your stress on your poor F7/Refresh button or chocolate, I will be posting updates here for you!!!

At this moment, all of the entries are being reviewed by the current Chefs (DT members). I can't wait to start reviewing the entries myself in a few hours! From what I have heard, the entries are AMAZING!

Have a GREAT day and GOOD LUCK!!!

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Noeleen said...

i'm so glad you will be doing updates (as i sit here actually eating a piece of chocolate). i think that's an awsesome idea. it gives those of us sitting on the edge of our seats a place to turn to in our time of need. who else is out there?