Sunday, June 14, 2009


I had such a BRILLIANT time at CKC Pasadena! Yes... "brilliant" is my new favorite word! Not only did I teach a few "brilliant" classes developed by Rusty Pickle, one of my classes said that my handmade business cards were "BRILLIANT!!!" WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I worked all weekend with my FAVORITE booth manager and FRIEND, Libby McNeily, taught RP classes to the most fun and peppy students from around the state (and Arizona!). I also had a chance to meet RP Finalist Noeleen... sorry to see her daughter is sick, because Noeleen is getting her cold, but I'm sure she will be fine for the RACE!!

The most fun people that I met at the show were Frank and Linda Williams!!! I met Frank in my 3rd class... he walked in and I just HAD to ask his story! Frank has been married to his wife, Linda, for 23 years... they have been SCRAPPING TOGETHER for 15 years. Frank was such a love! He shared pictures of his CUSTOM SCRAP ROOM DESIGNED BY CALIFORNIA CLOSETS... storage, tables, a duel work table where he and Linda can collaborate together... then he showed us a sample of the Christmas cards they made and mailed this past year... needless to say, since I found out that Linda was going to be taking my next class, I just had to take a picture of this INCREDIBLE couple for my blog... they both made me smile, and I hope their story will make you smile, too! ANYONE can scrapbook... as long as it makes you happy!!!
Finally, Danielle (my Teacher's Assistant for half my classes), Noellen (one of the RP Finalists), me, Libby and her family... (little Andrew and Dad Ian) had a "tear down" photo taken with dirty hands, sweaty shirts, and happy smiles! Finally, I did a midnight layout in our hotel room with the NEW "Rockin America"line for the booth... layout posted above...
I can't WAIT to scrap and post some new stuff, but my family and the RP Finalists need me at the moment! See you all soon! Make it a "Woo Hoo" kinda week!!!


Mandie said...

Oh I love Libby too!!! I met her in Chattanooga at possibly the worst Great America Scrap ever! LOL. But she asked me to help with breaking down the booth and was a hoot!!! So, I had mostly no-shows to my classes, but met Libby! Totally worth it! Even though I'm sure she doesn't remember me. LOL!

libbym said...

I remember you Mandie!! LOL! Who can forget Chattanooga!

Tracey! I need that photo!