Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project 365 - ST. PATTY'S DAY!

This weekend was FULL of BIG EVENTS!  Saturday was my triathlon... Sunday was our annual St. Patty's Day Party (for 26!)  We have been doing reconstruction projects in our backyard for over a year now... phase by phase the yard has been changing... well... the past few phases had to move VERY FAST to be sure they were done for our Irish Party... AND IT WAS!  The new raised wooden deck was claimed as the "Man Deck..."  SERIOUSLY... the men were sooooo funny... our new concrete deck is probably 3 times bigger than the wooden deck, but the men all crammed their chairs onto the wood deck... kinda like we women always cram into the kitchen to talk and catch up during a social event!
Our best friends, Penny and Bob (and little Catalina and Robbie) haven't been around since Penny went back to work back in September-ish.  We used to get together A MINIMUM of once a week... if not twice EVERY WEEK, so this 6 month absence has been HUGE... for the adults and the kids!  I FINALLY got my BEST MODEL back... Mr. Robbie... and he didn't disappoint!  I have about 20 GREAT pics of this adorable little guy... this is one of my favorites!  I'm just giving fair warning, BOB, that I will be taking a commission when he becomes a model since I trained him so well!
My sister, Mary, and her husband John... married 13 years now and just as (flipping) cute as ever!  Yeah, they love each other... and they deserve EVERY happiness!  (I love you guys!) 
Mom and Dad were here... the McWilliams... the Shedds... Penny and Bob and family and Mindy and Jeff and family... a GREAT night... our ANNUAL tradition...  I LOVE this final picture... nobody talks when the food is sooo good that all everyone can do is eat!  Wine... china... family and friends... and another GREAT night!  Make this week EXTRA special!!!

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