Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project 365 - Deck, Dancing, Books and Moving Out...

Here you go, Mom and Dad!  The first pictures of the new "floating" wooden deck... up against our new wooden fence... awaiting new plants and grass!  Anna (and Abby) think the deck is their own private stage... Anna has been out there every day dancing and practicing her ballet moves.  Of course, we need new patio furniture and to finish the planting, but the backyard is starting to look GOOD!

This weekend was the BIG MOVE... JESSICA MOVED TO HER OWN APARTMENT!  Anna, Corey (Jessica's boyfriend) and I helped her move and this is the first picture of her new place.  She and her roommate, Tiffany, have settled in... they still need a lot of stuff (like a dining table, couch and microwave), but... one step at a time! 

Anna had her first ballet class with the bar... and she started to learn her first piece for her first ballet recital!!!  These ballet classes are SO... DARN... CUTE to watch!  Jeff and I are still giggling through the whole hour! 
Finally, today was the Book Fair at school... OHHH... I remember the Book Fair... the smell of the paper... all of the bright colored covers just calling me to pick them up... wondering if I had enough money to buy them... Today was my volunteer day in Kindergarten and I was able to help the class at the Fair... Anna was NOT thrilled that I brought my camera... oh... poor Anna!  Make it a GREAT day!!

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