Monday, March 15, 2010

Project 365 - Mt. Bike 1st Race, Anna's 1st Award, Abby's 1st Model Pose...

I spent most of last week creating my final audition project for the Graphic 45 Design Team.  Since I can't share the project with you until April 1st, (which is KILLING me!) I am going to give you one clue... "It spins me right round, baby, right round..." ;-)  Add to that training for the triathlon, backyard renovation (phase 3 and 4) and the rest of this stuff, and it was busy again!

We were invited to attend an awards ceremony at Anna's school where she received her very first award... (and, yes... in her book it was a "major award!")  She was awarded the "Best in Mathmatics" in her class for the entire trimester!  We called my Dad (the mathmatician) as soon as the ceremony was over and he just about came apart at the seams!  I told you that Dad has been "giddy" since retiring last month... then add pride over the award... that equals "coming apart at the seams!" ;-)  Anna's school has a 100 year old bell that the special winners get to ring.  It is pretty heavy, so Principal Mr. Ausby helps the kids.  I think Anna was more excited about getting to ring the bell than the award!

Abby... a PERFECT dog for our family! She has been suning herself every day out on the new deck and, well, she is a perfect model when I bring out the camera... she even knows how to "strike a pose!" SERIOUSLY... that dog cracks me up (and she is so darn cute!!)

This weekend was the first race for the new OGHS Mountain Bike Team.  There aren't any other schools in our area that have a team, so we were competing from kids from all over.  This race was held at Vail Lake... one of our favorite camping areas!  We had 5 kids competing... Krista was our only gal and had to ride 12 miles... Chris and the rest of our boys had to ride 18 miles!  I just have to say... for a team that JUST started and has only had a handful of practice rides, I am SOOOO proud of the kids for getting through this tough course. 

Just one little story about the race... Chris was doing well and was the first to finish lap #1 (6 mile laps) and lap #2 from our team... with an average of 40 minutes per lap. Then we started waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and no Chris. Jeff and I figured he had started cramping and was probably struggling to finish the last lap, which is exactly what happened. He was the last kid on the course... there was an official with him. The refs kept calling the official asking if Chris was a DNF (Did Not Finish). Every time the radio call would come in, Chris would yell back to the offical... "NO! I... AM... FINISHING... THIS... RACE!" Now, he fell off his bike about a dozen times during those last 6 miles as BOTH of his legs seized up in cramps... and the official couldn't help him as long as Chris was still "racing" or Chris would be disqualified. So, Chris had to get rid of the cramps himself, get back onto the bike, and keep riding... and he did... all the way to finish line to a HUGE applause from the crowd! And he pretty much collapsed off the bike at the line with excruciating cramps. The EMTs came over and started helping Chris... the first thing Chris said... "Hey, Dad! When is the next race!?" I am soooooo dang proud of that kid! 
5 days until my Triathlon... holy cow... Make it a GREAT week!

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Gloria Stengel said...

Best wishes on Grapic 45! I got my project all mailed off as well. My hint...I think out of the box....

And now we wait!

Great pics fo the family! You sporty folks!